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AMD RX 3080, RX 3070 & RX 3060 Specs & Prices Leaked


Three new AMD Graphics cards will be hitting the market soon, based on the much anticipated 7nm GPU architecture, the AMD RX 3080, RX 3070 and the RX 3060. The information was leaked via a YouTube video posted by AdoredTV. In addition to the New 3000-series RX graphics cards, the leak also included details surrounding the 3rd Generation Ryzen processors.

The new cards will be launched next month during CES 2019. We can expect them to sell quite well considering how competitively they will be priced when compared to Nvidia’s current GPU lineup. The new RX 3080 is expected to compete with the GTX 1080/RTX 2070 and will be priced far less at $249.99. Prices and specifications are not 100% confirmed at this point.

AMD RX 3080, 3070, & 3060 Specifications

AMD RX 3080 AMD RX 3070 AMD RX 2060
GPU Architecture NAVI 10 NAVI 12 NAVI 12
TDP 150W 120W 75W
Nvidia Comp. GTX 1080 GTX 1070 GTX 1060
Price, MSRP $249.99 $199.99 $129.99

The Navi 10 GPU architecture is built on the TSMC 7nm process. This technology will be included with the RX 3080 which will also be equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 onboard RAM. This brings the TDP way down to a mere 150W reducing PSU requirements by quite a bit.

The RX 3070 which is set to compete with the GTX 1070 will also be equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 and will sell for $50 less than it’s big brother at $199.99. The RX 3070 will be based on the 7nm NAVI 12 architecture.

Lastly, the RX 2060 only features 4GB of GDDR6, but comes in at $70 less than the RX 3070 at only $129.99. This graphics card is also based on the NAVI 12 architecture.

Overall, it’s good to see some competition being thrown into the mix from AMD. Since the GTX 1060 was one of the hottest selling graphics cards due to the price/performance factor, there is no doubt in my mind that these cards will sell well. As AMD has announced that PCIE-4.o will be supported by the new up and coming X570 chipset and that AMD will be an early adopter of PCIE-4.0. We can only hope to see PCIE 4.0 support for these new RX 3000-series graphics cards, but everything is speculation at this point.

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[…] Now that AMD’s 3rd generation Ryzen series processors are right around the corner, unconfirmed leaks are starting to become more and more apparent. This leak is a pretty good (and convincing) one featuring detailed product specifications of the AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen processors basedon Zen2. The leak was revealed by YouTuber AdoredTV and also featured detailed product information surrounding AMD’s up-and-coming RX 3000-series graphics cards. […]

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