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Gigabyte Releases BIOS on Z370 Motherboards for Intel 9000-Series

Gigabyte Z370 BIOS update

Gigabyte has just released BIOS updates for it’s current lineup of motherboards currently supporting Intel 8th-gen processors. Most of the Gigabyte Z370, H370, B360, and H310 motherboards are included in the list receiving an update. The update ensures compatibility for Intel’s latest 9000-series processors

We learned recently that the current set of Z370 motherboards will be compatible with Intel’s 9th-gen offering. While some motherboards may work out of the box, some may require BIOS updates to ensure good compatibility. It’s good to see Gigabyte taking a proactive approach which guarantees compatibility. System builders can now upgrade to the latest Intel CPUs without having to upgrade to the new Intel Z390 chipsets which supports the 9000-series processors out of the box.

The latest BIOS updates are currently available now from Gigabyte’s website. The updates can be downloaded from each motherboard’s product page.


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