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Intel 9th Gen (i9 9900k) CPUs Will Run on Z370 Motherboards

Core i9 9900K on Z370

It has been rumored for a while now that the up-and-coming Intel 9th generation or 9000-series processors will run on the Intel Z370 motherboards. Now we can finally put rumors to rest as we finally have confirmation that the new unreleased Sandy Bridge S processors such as the Intel Core i9 9900K or the i7 9700K will indeed work on the Z370 chipset motherboards which were released Q4 of last year.

The Z390 chipset is due to arrive later this year as part of the Intel 9000-series processor launch. If you’re looking to upgrade CPU’s later this year, no need to upgrade that “old” Z370 motherboard as the Z390 does not offer a whole lot of extra features or enhancements.

Confirmation that the 9th gen Intel CPUs would work in the Z370 chipset motherboards was provided by a Q&A video by famous Youtubers: Hardware Unboxed. While we know it will work, at this point, no information how well it will work, or if ALL motherboards will work, or if a BIOS update is required for some boards. We will provide more information on hardware compatibility in the future as more details pile in.

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Good to hear, though I’ll still pass on these. No real improvement over my 8700k for gaming.


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