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ASRock Teases Possible Z390 Phantom Gaming Motherboards with 2.5G LAN

ASRock Phantom Gaming Z390 2.5X FAST motherboard

ASRock recently teased it’s followers on social media about the new Phantom Gaming brand with a possible Z390 motherboard. The photo teased “2.5x fast” and there has been a lot of speculation as to what exactly ASRock was referring to. Many believed it had to do with either a new AMD GPU, or PCIe 4.0. After all, AMD did mention that it would be integrating PCIE 4.0 in the near future. OR perhaps was this a hit of ASRock getting into the Polaris GPU scene?

The “2.5x fast” it turns out had more to do with it’s latest Phantom Gaming motherboard lineup. Most likely it will be based on the new Intel Z390 platform as we should be expecting some new ASRock Z390 motherboards to hit the market soon. As the names of the new Z390 motherboards have been leaked already, no mention of 2.5x being a model number.

It turns out that ASRock was referring to the fact that these new motherboards will have an integrated (dual) 2.5gbps onboard Ethernet port as apposed to GPU and PCIe rumors that were circulating. Many were disappointed as most gamers and enthusiasts don’t either take advantage of ethernet ports or have the infrastructure hardware to support anything faster than 1 gigabit Ethernet.

In addition to the social media post, ASRock posted a teaser video on Youtube as well, however it its just about as informative as the social media image.

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10G or bust


[…] for the new motherboards are depend on the model, but 12-phase power design and 2.5 Gbps Ethernet come standard on all. Additional features include M.2 support with heatsinks, USB 3.1 Type C, and RGB lighting provided […]

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