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Nvidia GTX 1180 Lineup – Possible Release Date This Year

Nvidia GTX 1180

We’ve all been patiently waiting (for the past 2+ years) for the next major release from Nvidia for their 11 series GPU’s. The last we heard from Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsuan Huang was that the new revisions were not going to be released anytime soon and that they were a “long way” off. However, conflicting reports are starting to emerge…

For example, a couple weeks ago a youtube video by Brainbean surfaced highlighting Lenovo’s new Legion Tower and Cube small form factor gaming PC’s. In the video (2:50) in an interview with a Lenovo project manager, we have reason to believe that the new Nvidia lineup might be released sometime this fall, possibly even august this year.

This is solid evidence as there have also been reports from VideoCardz that claims Nvidia has been sending out press invites for a possible announcement at Gamescom conference on August 21.

Nothing at this point is official, and it is possible that the project manager simply misspoke. Regardless, if you’re in the market for a new GPU, you might want to hold off at least for another month to see how things pan out. Hopefully you’ll be upgrading to GTX 1180, 1170, or 1160 next month! If not, get ready for some even cheaper 10 series GPUs.

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  • Jester
    Jul 11, 2018 3:10 am

    It feels like an eternity since we have had a new gaming GPU release. Still on my 1080 Ti, but once I go to 4k I’m going to need a LOT more.

  • strudinox
    Jul 11, 2018 4:21 pm

    Exactly, maybe it’s a good thing Nvidia is taking their time with this launch. Hoping for some amazing performance results when it is finally released. The 1080 is an old card by technology standards now, but still handles pretty much anything thrown at it. (4k is another story).

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