Wooting One – Available for Preorder

Many of us here at GND-Tech have been waiting for this day for years. The Wooting One will be the first commercially available analog mechanical keyboard. Its release date is estimated for July, so the wait is nearly over.

On regular keyboards, a key press is a binary function; either on or off. Nothing in between. This is not the case with the Wooting One analog mechanical keyboard, which tracks every bit of the key press. This is done via special optical mechanical switches, currently available in two flavors: red and blue, each one resembling the Cherry MX keycap of the same color.

The Wooting One was a Kickstarter project that, unlike Aimpad and other analog mechanical keyboard endeavors, cleared its goal with ease. We suspect it accomplished this by being such a feature loaded, sleek and stylish keyboard, that truly has every feature one could request from a keyboard.

Key features aside from the analog mechanical switches are:

    • Individual RGB backlighting per key/switch.
    • Programmable. Can change actuation points, tweak analog sensing, and more. Media key functionality is included as well.
    • Easily moddable. Can swap switches and the plate itself supposedly without much hassle.
    • NKRO over USB.
  • Switches/keys elevated onto the main body for easy cleaning.
  • Available in ANSI and ISO layouts.


We will have a full review of this keyboard shortly after release.

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