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Essential Mods for the Neverwinter Nights series

Even in 2020, the Neverwinter Nights series remain unparalleled. In addition to being the most content-rich RPGs, they are extremely moddable games. This article contains a list of mods for each game just for getting started, but remember to explore what’s out there on your own too. And of course, always read the readme for each mod for installation instructions and more, but installing mods for these games is very easy; mods generally go into the folders in Documents\Neverwinter Nights and Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2.

Remember, both games have tons of custom campaigns (modules). Truly countless, so pick and choose what looks interesting to you. Look here for the first game, and here for the second. In the mod lists below, we list some of the most popular modules just to get you started, but there are so many others out there as you can see.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is the ultimate version of Neverwinter Nights, a remaster of the original with engine improvements and new content. All of these mods are compatible with it.

Mod Name and Hyperlink Description
NWNCQ Project HD tileset. Use the extended override version and the patch for it. This will also add ceilings to some interiors that lack them.
Shifter and Shapechange Expansion A light gameplay mod that expands on Shifter prestige class and shapechanging character builds by expanding those spells and abilities, while also fixing bugs in tons of spells, adding new spells from 3.5e and one from Planescape: Torment, expanding on animal companions and familiars. It works with the base game and is based on pen and paper (PnP) rules and balancing. Lighter and easier to use than PRC.
Community Expansion Pack (CEP) Basically a massive content pack for module builders. Some modules might require it, so be sure to use this.
Player Resource Consortium (PRC) This is the biggest content expansion mod there is, implementing an unbelievable amount of PnP content in order to transform the game into a more direct PnP adaptation. With this mod, NWN will always be unparalleled as a cRPG. Actually using it in modules takes a bit of effort but it’s worth playing around with.
Quality Fantasy Portrait Pack Huge compilation of high quality fantasy portraits, currently at 275.
AL1: Siege of Shadowdale A cancelled premium module (as in, it was going to become an official module) made by someone who is now an author. He also created numerous other NWN modules, some of which are the best ever made. This one is clearly experimental, the creator admits it is far from his finest work.
AL2: Crimson Tides of Tethyr Another cancelled premium module from the same author as Siege of Shadowdale, Alazander. This module feels official, as it was going to be, and it ties into some official modules for Enhanced Edition – both Darkness Over Daggerford and Tyrants of the Moonsea, so play this before those.
Sands of Fate A three part series that has gained a lot of favor for Neverwinter Nights over the years.
Sanctum of the Archmage – The Sight and The Quest A two chapter module from a fantasy author. He is making another NWN module too, so this is not his last.
Shadowlords, Dreamcatcher, and Demon Campaigns Three classic modules bundled together.
Swordflight A four part series that has also become a fan favorite over the years.
The Halls of Advanced Training Deluxe A module just for leveling and outfitting your characters, and testing things (e.g. I use it to test custom modded weapons I create). Also full of insanely overpowered God-tier equipment so choose wisely.
OpenAL Soft Superior OpenAL installation. Enables surround sound since by default the game doesn’t support it, it’s customizable and you can also enable 3D HRTF. Read more about the installation here.

Neverwinter Nights 2

The mods below are for Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete Edition, which is only sold on GOG.

Mod Name and Hyperlink Description
Tchos HD Widescreen UI Menu and Loading Screen Widescreen friendly UI and loading screens, a must for modern systems.
Tchos HD UI panels and dialogue compilation and expansion More UI fixes for modern widescreen resolutions.
NWN2 Facelift Pack A very good higher quality face replacer for character models. These don’t look fake or as if they have horrible plastic surgery, this is just an improvement.
All NWN2 Terrain Re-bumped-mapped Much higher resolution, bump mapped terrain. The quality of this and all texture replacers below is so high that they integrate seamlessly with the game without art design conflict. They are universal improvements.
All NWN2 Grass Desaturated with Added Detail Higher quality grass textures that also desaturates them to make the tone more realistic instead of the flawed excessively colorful JRPG like default look.
Floorboards (Hi Rez & Bump-mapped) Much higher resolution, bump mapped wooden floor boards.
Real Paving Stones, Curbs & Bricks Much higher resolution, bump mapped stones and bricks and such.
Real Oak and Mahogany Textures (Hi Rez & Bump-Mapped) Much higher resolution, bump mapped oak and mahogany textures.
Neverwinter Cobble texture (Hi Rez & Bump-mapped) Much higher resolution, bump mapped cobble textures.
All Bracers, Pauldrons, Greaves now Shiny, Retextured & re-bumpmapped Much higher resolution, bump mapped armor pieces.
All NWN2 Cloaks Retextured (Hi-Res & Bumpmapped) Much higher resolution, bump mapped cloaks. They still have clipping issues just like the default ones, but no more than default.
MotB: Spirit Energy Tweak This allows you to tweak how much your spirit energy drains from hunger in Mask of the Betrayer (the first expansion). By default, I find it to be too fast, so I personally use the 1/2 version included with this mod (energy drains at half speed). If you’re fine with how it is in vanilla MotB then ignore this.
MotB: Rooster-Cheat Hardly a cheat, this mod just increases max party size so that you can always have all 4 party members with you throughout Mask of the Betrayer, which is so story and character driven. Without this, you will always have to leave ONE person behind, which is just stupid. Considering how character driven this story is, and how much input companions have during interactions, you really should not play without this. Note the creator of this and the above mod, JOG, has more stuff on his website but some of them are outdated and address issues that were fixed by official patches, so I personally only use these two.
Deserks NWN2 Portraits A nice portrait addon, since by default NWN 2 has very few and just uses the crappy character model faces as PC portraits.
Zack’s Portraits Can’t have too many portraits.
Colour scroll icons for NWN2 Scrolls by default are all the same color, so it is difficult to tell what spell a scroll contains when just glancing at your inventory. This fixes that, giving them all the same colored icon as the actual spell.
Spell School Fixes This 2DA override fixes the spell schools of several spells to be more appropriate. Both Drown spells are now Conjuration (originally Drown was Transmutation, Mass Drown was Conjuration), Blood to Water is now Transmutation instead of Necromancy, Death Ward and Mass Death Ward are now Abjuration instead of Necromancy, Implosion is now Necromancy instead of Evocation. These changes are both more logical and some of them are more accurate to PnP.
The Temple of Elemental Evil Unlocked The Temple of Elemental Evil is a classic Greyhawk PnP module, action packed and very fun. Troika Games made it into a video game in 2001, but that game is full of bugs, and while it has extremely expansive gameplay, NWN 2 is even more expansive. Plus, NWN 2 has the benefit of being 3D, unlike the distant isometric-only 2D visuals of Troika’s game. This is the best way to enjoy The Temple of Elemental Evil in a video game.
Icewind Dale NWN2 Icewind Dale has been faithfully remade as a NWN 2 module! Forget about Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, now you can play it with 3.5e rules and the much more expansive gameplay of NWN 2 (and without the original game’s horrendous UI).
Baldur’s Gate Reloaded A very famous mod, as the name implies this is an incredibly faithful remake of Baldur’s Gate as a NWN 2 mod. As with Icewind Dale NWN2 above, this restores the original game’s cinematics, score, and it brings back more abilities that are not in NWN 2. Also since NWN 2 has Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep prestige class, you can play as that here which is uniquely fitting. Forget about Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition with those controversial, harmful changes, this is the definitive Baldur’s Gate experience.
Pool of Radiance Remastered Another classic RPG remade in NWN 2. Pool of Radiance dates back to the 80s. It was a four part series but unfortunately only this first part was remade and polished for the NWN games (parts 2 and 3 were remade as NWN 1 modules but they’re flawed and difficult to recommend). As expected for an 80s RPG, this is a rather simple module that hasn’t aged well, but it’s a fun ride nonetheless.
The Halls of Advanced Training NWN2 Just like its NWN 1 counterpart, this is a module just for leveling and outfitting your characters and testing things. And, as is the case with the NWN 1 version, you can get unlimited money and God-tier equipment here.
DSOAL Converts the game’s sound to OpenAL Soft so that you can actually set the sound provider to EAX 3 in-game and get the best possible sound quality. This gives you the best surround spatialization, EAX effects and 3D HRTF.

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