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Maxon Cinebench R20 Benchmark Released

Maxon has just announced the official release of Cinebench R20 CPU benchmark software. The new benchmark is designed to test mult-cored processors using real-world rendering scenarios. Maxon is most famous for its award winning Cinema 4D 3D rendering and design studio. The new benchmark features R20 (v20 of its renderer) technology which includes lots of memory optimizations and faster picture playback just to name a few.

The new benchmark is designed to run on any PC with a processor that features the SSE3 instruction set and has at least 4GB of memory. Because of the newer technology included in the new R20 renderer, such as Intel Embree ray-tracing engine, a much more improved benchmark scoring system which produces a much more accurate score for modern processors. According to Maxon, R20 uses four times the memory and up to eight times the CPU power over Cinebench R15.

Another thing you’ll likely notice is that the new version has removed the GPU test found in previous versions. The built in CPU comparison results have also been updated which includes comparisons for modern Threadripper, Xeon, Intel Core series processors as well as Ryzen.

Maxon Cinebench is currently available today through the Microsoft Store. However, TechPowerUp has released a portable version of R20 which can be found over at their download page.

Maxon Cinebench R20 Threadripper

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