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MSI Monitors Now Support NVIDIA G-Sync

MSI monitors support G-sync

Following Nvidia’s announcement that its graphics cards will now support Adaptive Sync Technology, MSI has just announced that its current lineup of Adaptive Sync monitors will work with Nvidia G-Sync graphics cards. G-Sync and Adaptive sync work the same way by reducing in-game tearing, flickering and stuttering providing the user with smooth graphics as a result.

According to MSI the only caveat is that as of now only a single display is supported. So if you’re rocking multiple MSI displays to a single graphics card, only one of them will have G-Sync enabled. At the moment, not all Adaptive Sync enabled monitors will support G-Sync. MSI has compiled a list of monitors that have passed the official test.

Monitor Name Adaptive Sync G-Sync Compatible NVIDIA G-Sync
Optix G24C Yes Yes
Optix G24VC Yes No
Optix G241VC (New) Yes No
Optix MAG24C Yes Yes
Optix MAG241C Yes Yes
Optix MAG241CR Yes Yes
Optix G27C2 Yes Yes
Optix MAG27C Yes Yes
Optix MAG27CQ Yes Yes
Optix MAG271C Yes Yes
Optix MAG271CR Yes Yes
Optix MAG271CQR Yes Yes
Optix MGP27C Yes Yes
Optix MPG27CQ Yes Yes
Optix AG32C Yes Yes
Optix AG32CQ Yes Yes
Optix MAG321CQR Yes Yes
Optix MAG341CQ Yes Yes
Oculux NXG251R Yes

Models not listed are still under testing

This is great news for MSI as you can see most of its monitors were Adaptive Sync compatible. MSI is still testing other monitors not listed for G-Sync compatibility so we’ll likely see some new additions to the list hopefully in the new future. To verify G-Sync compatibility, MSI used the folowing graphics cards to test:

  • MSI RTX 2070 Ventus 8G
  • MSI RTX 2080 Ventus 8G
  • MSI GTX 1080 Gaming 8G

MSI also released a list of general system requirements needed in order for G-Sync to work with its monitors:

  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA 10 series (pascal) or newer
  • VGA driver version should be later than 417.71
  • Display Port 1.2 (or above) cable
  • Windows 10


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