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Ewin Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

An inadequate chair for that awesome PC gaming rig of yours will either make or break your overall experience. Putting a bit of attention into something that will keep you comfortable (and stylish) during those long gaming sessions, is probably one of the most worth while and rewarding deposits you’ll make in a long time. In this review, we’ll be looking at another offering from Ewin Racing, the Calling Series gaming chair (Red). Last year, we had the pleasure of reviewing the Champion series chair which scored quite well during our review so we’re expecting great things to follow!

The Calling Series, features a few key differences over the previous chair we reviewed earlier. This particular model features a 5-star nylon constructed base and a few design changes. In a nutshell, the chair features adjustable controls for just about any feature you can imagine. Two pillows are also included, one at the headrest and another at the lower back which will help promote better posture and lumbar support.

At the time of writing this review, the chair can be had for $359 USD, however, it can be found on sale for around $270 (especially when using the discount code “gndtech” at checkout 😉 ). Now that we’ve got a better idea of what we’re working with, let’s dig into the review by first taking a deeper look into its specs. For more information, take a look at Ewin Racing’s product page for the Calling Series.

Ewin Calling Series Gaming Chair Specifications

The first thing worth mentioning is the chair’s construction which consists of a custom foam mold wrapped around a steel frame for both the seat and back rest. The foam is a high quality memory foam which is cold molded around the internal frame of the chair. The base is also suspended for additional comfort by elastic straps which we’ll get into later on in the review.

The exterior of the chair consists of leather (or fo-leather, we’re not really sure) which feels soft to the touch. Individual sections are stitched together tightly which provides a premium look, especially with the accented color of the threads. Below are the detailed specifications of the gaming chair provided by Ewin:


Model Calling Series (RED)
Chair Type Gaming/Office Chair
Foam Type High Density Separated Foam
Foam Density 50kg/m3
Frame Color Black
Frame Construction Metal (steel)
Mechanism Type Multi Functional Tilt
Tilt Lock Yes
Tilt Angle Lock Yes
Gas Lift Class 4
Chair/Seat Back Style High Back
Adjustable Back Angle 85-155 Degrees
Base Type Nylon 5-Star
Caster Size and Material 2″ Caster/PU

Now that we’re all certified experts, let’s dig into the review by first taking a look at its packaging.

A Closer Look: Packaging

The Ewin Calling Series gaming chair arrived to our top secret GND headquarters unscathed and in a perfect bill of health. The box is overall quite large, so be prepared to do some heavy lifting while transporting it to your room or office. The box consists of double-ply cardboard with reinforced edges to provide additional rigidity.

The outside of the box is pretty subtle. It features red Ewin logos on all the sides so you’ll definitely know what it is when it arrives.

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Box

With the outer seal broken and the flaps extended, we’re greeted with the base of the chair first, completely wrapped in bubble wrap and separated from the other components by a cardboard partition. The back of the chair as well as the base ship pressed together each in their own bags to prevent scuffing during shipping.

Next to the base of the chair is a box with all the additional hardware you’ll need to assemble the chair.

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Packaging 2 Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Packaging 3

Once the smaller box is opened, you’ll be greeted with the instruction manual for your Calling Series chair. At this point set it aside and continue to unpack the rest of the components.

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Packaging 3

With everything out of its protecting packaging, we can get a better idea of what we’re working with! The first thing that stands out are the red and black casters which add a bit of flair over other chairs we’ve looked at. Overall the parts, especially the metal mount and piston appear to be constructed of high quality, thick metal which has a good bit of weight to each.

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Included Items

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Casters Ewin Calling Series gaming chair hardware

With everything laid out, let the construction begin! Don’t forget the included gloves, though not sure if it’s the chair getting protected from my grubby gamer fingers, or vice versa. 🙂

The visual instructions are simple and easy to follow, but don’t flow in logical (reading) order; just follow the arrows and you’ll be fine.

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Instructions Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Glove

A Closer Look: Assembly

One thing to note is that there are two different sized hex wrenches for the two classes of bolts. The side bolts use the smaller of the two while the bottom use the larger.

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Install Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Assembly

While we’re underneath the chair, let’s take this moment to get a better look at those straps which provide additional support and comfort to the gamers’ rear. While I’m not 100% sure on their exact construction, they appear to be double layered elastic straps which are overall quite strong and are tensioned pretty tight. This is likely by design as the straps are not going to be the primary source of comfort, rather they provide a small amount of give that will end up making a noticeable impact during long gaming sessions.

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Base Underside Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Elastic Straps

Installing the bottom mount is pretty straightforward. Be sure to insert all four screws in before tightening them all down and be sure to check orientation that the “FRONT” sign is aimed at the front of the chair as it is possible to install it backwards. (not that I did that or anything, just saying).

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Assembly Underside

Now that the base is out of its protective layer of bubble wrap, let’s get a better look at the thing before we install it. Its nylon construction is overall VERY sturdy and realitively lightweight compared to the steel alternative. As nylon can be molded into whatever desired shape, the design features cool angles and styling with red accents on each of the five legs.

The only assembly needed in regards to the base is installing the casters and shoving the piston through the center hole. Once that’s done, you’re all set to drop the assembled chair portion down on top of it!

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Base/Piston Install

A Closer Look…

Once, construction is complete, take a step back and admire your handiwork!

The chair looks fantastic overall. The included pillows and stitched leather are definitely some of the chair’s strong points. The base and top chair unit pair perfectly which gives off a very sleek racing design that will likely pair well with any gaming rig (assuming you picked the right color).

We’ll now shut up and let the images do the talking:

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Back

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Pillows

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Leather Stitching

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Base Close Up

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair back Logo

Controls are found underneath the right side of the chair as well as next to where the back and base come together on the right. The underside controls adjust the height of the chair, as well as the ability to lock the rocking or tilt functionality.

The E-brake style handle allows for adjusting the angle of the back rest. The adjustment angle has quite a wide range which includes the ability to drop the back almost all the way parallel with the ground for when you need a break! This image provided by Ewin paints a pretty good picture as to what you can expect as far as chair controls go:

EwinRacing Calling Gaming Chairs Dimensions

The arm rests have the ability to adjust up and down which is performed simply by depressing the button on the outer side while lifting or lowering them simultaneously. The arm rests are also padded which should provide a bit of extra comfort over time.

Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Arm Rest Ewin Calling Series gaming chair Adjustable Arm Rest

Overall Quality & Comfort

When compared to the many other chairs I’ve sat in over the years, this particular chair is probably slightly stiffer than most, but this is characteristic of racing style gaming chairs. It’s not to say that it is uncomfortable by any stretch, actually quite the opposite. The stiff first impression quickly fades away as you realize how well supported your body especially thanks to that bottom pillow. As a test, I put on some Apex Legends, and gamed for 2.5 hours straight without standing up to take a break (It’s for science!) and while I did naturally feel the need to stand up and stretch, from a comfort standpoint the chair held its own!

The overall quality of the chair is quite good. Given the chair’s price point, I’m sure that it is not construction of actual genuine leather, however it certainly looks the part and does not feel cheap or of bad quality by any means. The stitching and materials used on the back and base feel nice and should stand up to years of gaming abuse. The mounts are also free of squeaks and other erroneous noises. Overall, the construction is quite strong and solid feeling for such a cheap gaming chair.

Final Thoughts & Scoring

Normally in reviews I try to be as subjective as possible, however from a construction, appearance and functionality standpoint, it is very difficult to come up with negatives with the Ewin Racing Calling Series gaming chair. The quality of the materials used ranging from the mounts, castors and pistons, to the materials used in the base and back of the unit are on point for the price of the unit.

Next, we’ll give this chair a final score based on the categories below. MSRP of the chair will play a large role in the overall score.

  • Build Quality: 9.2/10 – As mentioned earlier, no real issues with the construction or quality with the Calling Series gaming chair. The true test will be how long it holds up, but unfortunately we don’t have that kind of time. However, our Champion Series gaming chair we reviewed at the end of 2017 is still going strong!
  • Functionality: 9.5/10 – When you remove all the bells and wistles and focus on just the “chair” aspect, There is not a whole lot you’ll end up needing that the Ewin Calling Series chair doesn’t provide. You’ve got casters that roll nicely, all the adjustment controls you can handle, including the ability to lay back almost completely flat.
  • Appearance: 9.7/10 – While there is some subjectivity associated with the appearance category, I personally love the look of this particular series. The red on black looks fantastic along with the accented red stitching. The included pillows are also a nice touch that add a few more performance points as well as being just plain comfortable. I also really like the matching base which is something you don’t always get.
  • Value: 9.0/10 – At the time of writing this review, MSRP for the Ewin Calling Series gaming chair is $359 USD but can be found currently for $259 USD. Definitely look for deals surrounding this chair as the latter price is a bargain for what you end up getting!

Product Page: https://www.ewinracing.com/calling-series/15-ewin-calling-series-ergonomic-computer-gaming-office-chair-with-pillows-cld.html

Ewin Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

"The quality of the materials used ranging from the mounts, castors and pistons, to the materials used in the base and back of the unit are on point..."

Build Quality:

GND Diamond Award


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