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Creative Labs Previews Sound BlasterX AE-9 PCIe Sound Card

Creative Sound BlasterX AE-9 Featured

Audiophiles rejoice! It seems as of late that high end PC sound cards have been a dying trend over the last few years. This could be for many reasons whether stale demand by consumers or some other business reason, but Creative Labs is hoping to change that. Introducing the Creative Sound BlasterX AE-9 PCIe sound card which comes as a direct replacement for the Sound BlasterX AE-5.

Like its predecessor, the Sound BlasterX AE-9 features removable/replaceable OPAMP ICs used for signal amplification. Support for an external DAC breakout box is also supported. The new sound card also features an onboard ESS Sabre 32-bit DAC for audio signal conversion. It also features delta-signal modulation noise reduction, 32-bit filtering and monitor attenuation. The card is powered by an external 6-pin PCIe power connector which is traditionally used to power your graphics card.

The DAC features Xamp which works as a discrete headphone amp utilizing bi-amplification technology. The external box will give you a few extra ports which includes two mic ports and two headphone jacks, perfect for interfacing with your high end audio equipment.

Creative Sound BlasterX AE-9 OPAMP Creative Sound BlasterX AE-9 Back Creative Sound BlasterX AE-9 DAC Back Creative Sound BlasterX AE-9 DAC Front Creative Sound BlasterX AE-9 Card + DAC

While official details and specifications have not been revealed, Creative did release a YouTube video highlighting the Sound BlasterX AE-9’s specifications:

Creative Sound BlasterX AE-9 Introduction Video

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