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Razer Uses Kickstarter to Fund Naga Trinity Left Handed Edition

Razer Naga left handed edition

Lefties unite! Razer has turned to the community to back a new left handed project: The Naga Trinity Left-Handed Edition. Currently, there are not a lot of REALLY good options when it comes to left handed gaming mice. Razer did release a left-handed version of the DeathAdder, and there are a few good ambidextrous choices out there, but nothing as functional and MMO capable as the Naga Trinity.

According to Razer’s Kindstarter page, it looks the project will cost just under one million USD. To date, they’ve only raised less than $30,000 USD with only one month to go. Not looking.

At Razer, our modus operandi is simple: we create gaming products based on what our community needs. And we do a kickass job every single time. You guys are truly the driving force behind many of the products we release—from the very early stages of research and engineering until it’s finally in your hands.

It’s also the reason why we’re the only company in the world that makes left-handed gaming mice. The left-handed edition of our flagship esports gaming mouse, the Razer DeathAdder, was a result of many fans asking for support. Over the past 6 years, we’ve shipped thousands of left-handed Naga mice—the amount we ship for right-handed mice in a day. This has caused us to significantly dial back on the production of left-handed mice due to the low demand and high costs involved.

When it comes to rewards for backing, anything shy of $89 will get you a mousepad. $89 and up, you’ve got yourself a Naga Trinity Left-Handed Edition. The most expensive option gets you three Naga Trinity Left-Handed mice for you and your friends (or computers).




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