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Cooler Master MM830 Gaming Mouse for MMO Released

Cooler Master MM830 MMO Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master has just entered the MMO gaming scene with its brand new gaming mouse packed full of features MMO gamers typically need. The Cooler Master MM830 features an Avago PMW3360 Optical sensor running at a whopping 24,000 DPI. The new mouse features eight programmable buttons backed by high quality Omron switches rated for up to 20 million clicks.

RGB lighting is also equipped in four different zones. Colors and patterns can be set using Cooler Master’s customized software. In addition to the RGBs, a programmable 96×64 OLED screen on the left side of the mouse allows users to personalize the mouse by showing in-game stats, or a favorite logo or team banner.

We wanted to offer an MMO mouse that provides a solid thumb grip without having an overabundance of buttons.” says Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager. “We took a unique approach by adding this integrated D-pad.”

The MM830 will be available Cooler Master select retailers, respectively, for $79.99 USD starting January 15, 2019.

Cooler Master MM830 MMO Gaming Mouse Cooler Master MM830 MMO Gaming Mouse Side Cooler Master MM830 MMO Gaming Mouse Front

Cooler Master MM830 Features and Specifications

Control is the name of the game with the ergonomic MM830 gaming mouse. Top-of-the-line, 24,000 DPI sensor to meet and beat any gaming situation, while a hidden D-pad gives fast access to your most vital abilities and skills in-game. Durable PBT material to reduce wear and tear, RGB illumination to flash your personality, and customizable OLED to display settings or flaunt your colors, the MM830 is the weapon of choice for those who want to carry their team to victory.

Hidden D Pad

Always within reach and out of the way, unleash your ults or vital abilities with four hidden buttons in the thumb rest area for unmatched fast access.

Precision Wheel

Adjust all your settings from one wheel and across all Cooler Master devices.

RGB Illumination

Give your victories some flashy good looks with 4 zone RGB illumination.

Quality Construction

PBT chassis minimizes wear and tear due to sweat, sun, and Cheeto dust. Omron switches and Japanese ALPS scroll encoder.
for nice snappy weapon switches.

24K Sensor

Bigger and better with top-of-the-linesensor and adjustable to 24,000 DPI for any and all battle situations.

OLED Display

Flaunt your colors, rep your clan, or keep track of your APMs, DPI settings, or anything you can imagine with a customizable 96×64 OLED screen right on the mouse.

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