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MSI Z390 Motherboards Confirmed

MSI X370

Shortly after ASUS confirmed their Z390 Motherboards for the Coffee Lake S platform, MSI has unintentionally just confirmed theirs. We don’t have any product names as of yet, only product numbers. This confirmation comes from a new update to the MSI Command Center app which listed the motherboard product numbers as boards that were officially supported. All in all, ten MSI Z390 motherboards were listed.

An announcement from MSI should be on the horizon as they are gearing up for a big motherboard launch around the Z370 platform. Here are the product numbers found listed supported inside the app:

  • MS-07B10 v1.0
  • MS-07B12 v1.0
  • MS-07B17 v1.0
  • MS-07B17 v2.0
  • MS-07B18 v1.0
  • MS-07B21 v1.0
  • MS-07B50 v1.0
  • MS-07B51 v1.0
  • MS-07B98 v1.0
  • MS-07C00 v1.0
  • MS-07C04 v1.0

More news to follow once we hear and official announcement from MSI.






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