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Cooler Master MP510 Gaming Mouse Pad Mini Review

Cooler Master MP510 Gaming Mouse Pad Feature

We all use mouse pads but rarely consider them an option when sourcing parts for our next build. Like their counterpart, the mouse, mousepads and the “technology” behind them has definitely come a long way since the generic cloth squishy pads from the days of yore. In this (mini) review, we’ll be taking a look at the new Cooler Master MP510 gaming mouse pad which is geared towards gamers and system builders. Typically we score our products at the end of the review however, with this particular product due to its simplicity, scoring will be disregarded.

The MP510 comes in four different sizes which we’ll outline later in the review. In this review we will be taking a look at the Medium size which is the second smallest size offered. At a glance the Cooler Master MP510 gaming mouse pad features durable fabric, a grippy base and a waterproof design. From Cooler Master:

The MP510 Gaming Mouse Pad is an upgrade in every sense of the word, adding skill points to durability, accuracy, and performance. The key is in the special Cordura® fabric, which delivers responsiveness, durability, and water resistance. No need to worry about sweat, tears, and energy drinks nerfing your performance. Designed for the perfect balance of speed and control, the anti-fray stitching of the MP510 prevents pesky peeling. Sturdy and built to last, the MP510 is your exotic gear of chocie on the battlefield.


Features and Specs of the Cooler Master MP510 Gaming Mouse Pad

The most important feature is the Cordura fabric which is designed to be extremely durable. Not only is it strong, it’s completely water resistant. As mentioned before, the Cooler Master MP510 comes in four different sizes which are outlined in the table below:

Product Name Masteraccessory MP510
Product Number / Size S MPA-MP510-S
Product Number / Size M MPA-MP510-M
Product Number / Size L MPA-MP510-L
Product Number / Size XL MPA-MP510-XL
Base Color Black
Materials Cordura fabric – surface
Rubber – base
Size S 250*210*3mm
Size M 320*270*3mm
Size L 450*350*3mm
Size (XL) 900*400*3mm


As you can see the size for  the Medium version, which we will be looking at is 320mm by 270mm. To me, this is the perfect size as it’s much larger than your standard mousepad. I typically have my mouse sensitivity turned up pretty high so I personally don’t need a lot of real estate.


A Closer Look

The Cooler Master MP510’s packaging is black and purple themed which falls in line with Cooler Master’s overall current theme. The box features interesting designs and provides highlights to the MP510’s features. Another positive is the easy to understand sizing indicator located on the back of the package.

Additionally, on the top of the package Cooler Master has a glued piece of the Cordura fabric on top so you can feel before you buy.

Cooler Master MP510 Gaming Mouse Pad Packaging Front Cooler Master MP510 Gaming Mouse Pad Packaging Back


Upon breaking the seal and opening the box, you’ll notice that the mouse pad is rolled up inside nice and snug. Upon removing it, the mouse pad flattened out nicely and didn’t try to curl back up.

The fabric surface is very smooth to the touch and probably a bit more textured than I’m normally use to. The stitching around the edges provides anti-fray protection to the fabric surface and gives the overall mouse pad a high quality feel. The surface of  the mouse pad has a single glow-in-the-dark Cooler Master logo located in the top right corner.

Cooler Master MP510 Gaming Mouse Pad Logo Cooler Master MP510 Gaming Mouse Pad Top

Underneath the Cooler Master MP510 is a nice rubber layer which will definitely prevent the mouse pad from sliding around on any desk surface. The edges of this rubberized layer are also protected by the perimeter stitching to prevent damage or fraying.

Cooler Master MP510 Gaming Mouse Pad Bottom


The waterproofing nature of the Cordura fabric (while I didn’t take a photo… oops) definitely worked great! I left a few drops of water sit on the MP510 mouse pad and after 30 minutes, they were still there and did not sink into the material.


Testing and Conclusion

The surface is quite different than what I’m sue to so the feel took some getting use to. The fabric is overall quite smooth, but provides a very heavy texture feel. The two mice I tested the Cooler Master MP510 with had absolutely no issues with it! I first used a Logitech G502 gaming mouse and then moved to the Cooler Master MM531 gaming mouse which I reviewed earlier. Both mice felt accurate and very responsive. The slick fabric of the MP510 mouse pad made the mice glide very easily while remaining very precise.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a mousepad to complete your gaming rig build, the Cooler Master MP510 would definitely be a good choice. The fact that it comes in four different sizes, makes customizing it to your desk or style even easier.

Currently the Cooler Master MP510 can be purchased on Amazon for $14.99 USD

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