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2017 Game of the Year Awards

Best Shooter

Game Title: Day of Infamy
Release Date: March 23, 2017
Platforms: PC / Linux
Genre: FPS (Co-op and Versus)
Developer: New World Interactive
Publisher: New World Interactive

Day of Infamy is a very impressive multiplayer shooter, containing multiple versus and cooperative game modes, and a level of authenticity that bridges the gap between the hardcore and realistic Rising Storm/Red Orchestra franchise, and more approachable shooters like Battlefield. It is a CQB infantry-only shooter, like Call of Duty in this regard. It is really everything that Call of Duty multiplayer once dreamed of being, it far surpasses all of them in every single way as a multiplayer shooter; more game modes including ones with the same concept but more dynamic objectives, infinitely better mechanics that seem truly “next-gen” in comparison, sound quality that makes Day of Infamy seem like the AAA game and Call of Duty the one that started as a mod, not to mention the amount of content where Day of Infamy dwarfs any Call of Duty due to again having multiple co-op and PvP modes, free content updates opposed to overpriced DLC, and infinite modding capability. Not to mention it has a real server browser and dedicated server application included with the game.

Other Nominees

  • Prey
  • Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

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