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Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid Announced

Cooler Master has recently announced their first gaming keyboard, the QuickFire Rapid. It’s a compact keyboard featuring Cherry MX mechanical switches, with three different models available.


[quote]CM Storm aims to offer the best available mechanical hardware by integrating CHERRY MX switches. These provide the QuickFire Rapid with the ability to respond to, and recover from, furious button presses with almost zero lag. Vastly improve your possible gaming actions per minute by utilizing a QuickFire Rapid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in FPS, MMO, RTS, and other games. CHERRY MX Black, Brown, or Blue switches will be available based on region.[/quote]

The CM Storm QuickFire Rapid has many features that make it clearly a keyboard designed for the gaming enthusiast. Let’s look at the feature list.

  • Mechanical CHERRY MX Switches – Three models are available; Cherry MX Blue which has a tactile bump that is easily felt, normal resistance, and 50g activation force. Designed for typing. Next is the Cherry MX Brown model, which has a 45g activation force, they have a light tactile bump through the key press which lets you know that the key has been pressed, and it’s the best middle ground for gaming and typing. Finally there is the Cherry MX Black model, which is a gaming key switch type with a 60g activation force, no tactile bump, and the activation/release points are at the same location, which makes double tapping easier.
  • Windows keys disabled in GAME mode
  • Extra key-caps bundled
  • Key puller included
  • Laser-marked key caps
  • Anti-Ghosting
  • NKRO in PS/2 Mode – n-key rollover makes the keyboard immune to key ghosting and key jamming.
  • 1000 Hz/1 ms response time in USB mode
  • Multimedia shortcuts
  • Rubber coated keyboard surface
  • Removable braided USB cable with cable routing
  • 355(L)x135(W)x35(H) mm / 14(L)x5(W)x1(H) inch
  • 940 g / 2.1 lbs


Here’s the keyboard in all of it’s glory. As you can see it’s quite basic since it is designed for gamers, and it is not Cooler Master’s highest end gaming keyboard. There are no dedicated programmable keys, the multimedia keys are integrated into F6 to F12, and there is no number pad. The Windows key have a CM Storm logo instead of a Windows logo.

This image shows the cable routing features of the CM Storm QuickFire Rapid. Also visible is a flip-up stand on each side of the keyboard.

Here’s a picture of the mechanical switch.

Spare keys and key puller. The W, A, S, and D keys can be replaced with up, left, back, and right respectively. The keys with the Cooler Master logo can replace the standard Windows keys.

The release date for the QuickFire Rapid is expected to be sometime in October, as it has been available on PChome.com.tw. Prices were not announced, but on PChome the Cherry MX Black and Brown models are listed at about $90 USD while a Cherry MX Red version (which doesn’t even appear on www.cmstorm.com) is listed at about $97. So expect to see them soon!

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[…] in October, we saw the announcement of Cooler Master’s first mechanical keyboard, the CM Storm QuickFire Rapid. After waiting months for it to arrive in America, I was finally able to purchase one for review […]

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