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SilverStone Releases ECM23 M.2 Riser with Heatsink For PCIe 16x Slot

SilverStone ECM23 PCIE Card Disassembed

SilverStone has just announced the release of its new ECM23 M.2 SSD riser card which is designed to fit into a PCIE x16 slot on PC. The main advantage of this design is cooling as it puts the M.2 slot perpendicular to the motherboard giving the SSD much easier access to airflow. In addition to the increased airflow, the ECM32 comes with heat sinks to provide maximum cooling to the M.2 compatible SSD.


Specifications for the SilverStone ECM23

Model No. SST-ECM23
LED indicator PCIe M.2 SSD Read / Write LED: Blue blinking
Interface PCI Express x4 via full size x16 pinout
SSD Interface M.2 (NGFF)
Module Key PCIe x4 NVMe-based M key
Operating system support Microsoft Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit), 8, 8.1,10 (32 bit/64 bit) or future release versions
Mac OS 10.2.8 or above
Support Length of M.2 SSD 30mm, 42mm, 60mm, 80mm
(WxHxD) and Weight
Heatsink with PCB: 4.1 x .4 x 1.7 inches (105 x 11 x 44mm), 52g


Older motherboards can now take advantage of having M.2 support as all that is required is a PCIe 16x slot. This allows for a cleaner build over a traditional 2.5″ SSD as it requires no additional power or SATA cables to operate. The ECM23 is compatible with AHCI and NVMe, however support with M.2 SATA connections is currently not supported.

SSD Cooling is provided by two heat sinks which mount directly over the SilverStone ECM23’s PCB. The heatsinks come in three configurations: small charcoal heatsink, medium sized blue heatsink and a large gray heatsink.

At this point no information as far as pricing and availability.

SilverStone ECM23 PCIE Card SilverStone ECM23 PCIE Card Disassembed SilverStone ECM23 PCIE Card Inside SilverStone ECM23 PCIE Card Case

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