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Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Review

Have you ever heard of a mouse bungee? This item is growing in popularity as of late, and many well known gaming peripheral manufacturers are releasing them. The guys at CM Storm didn’t want to fall behind, so they’ve created their own, the Skorpion.

So what is a mouse bungee? It’s a very simple device really; all it is a stand that allows you to route your mouse cord through it. What’s the point of that? Well, I’m sure you’ve experienced your cord dragging and pulling, which is not desirable in games. This is especially problematic for competitive gamers who need absolute precision: a dragging, pulling, or stuck mouse cord can easily make you miss a shot, or just somehow ruin you in a game. This is where a mouse bungee comes in.



The Skorpion is quite a compact item, measuring only 150 x 130 x 85mm so your package won’t be a monolith or anything of the sort. The Skorpion is clearly visible through clear plastic.

Inside you’ll find a small folded manual that doesn’t tell you much, since there isn’t much for you to be told. Then there is the Skorpion itself. It looks pretty aggressive, doesn’t it?

Wow, that’s it for this section. This might end up being the shortest review I will have ever written.

Closer Look

It’s hard to describe the appearance of the CM Storm Skorpion, so I’ll let you come up with your own adjectives. I will say, it takes on the form of a tripod. The legs are made up of textured plastic, with rubberized feet. The mouse cord goes through the top piece, which is flexible rubber. The legs and top piece are all connected to the center, which is a plastic-covered iron base complete with a CM Storm logo.

Here’s a closer look at one of the three rubberized foots.

Here’s a closer look at the top piece, with a mouse cord routed through it. Since it’s flexible rubber, it works with thin or thick mouse cords. You won’t run into compatibility issues.

Find out how much cabling length you need, and then just route your mouse cord through the top accordingly. Once this is done, the Skorpion will prevent your cord from getting stuck, pulling, and dragging. The top piece moves slightly, giving you all of the movement you’d need. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Here’s a shot of the CM Storm Skorpion set up with a mouse, namely the CM Storm Recon which was also recently reviewed. The mousepad shown is the CM Storm Speed RX, reviewed here. I don’t normally keep the mouse and bungee at this angle, this is just so I can get them both in one frame.



I hadn’t used a mouse bungee before this, but having used this one, I can say it is a useful product for competitive gamers. All it does is prevent the cord from pulling/dragging the mouse, from getting stuck, and from causing problems when gaming. For those who don’t game competitively, and have their cord routed not close to a wall or some object, then it isn’t really needed, but for those who do game competitively, I do recommend the CM Storm Skorpion. I’ve had cord pulling/dragging interfere with some multiplayer FPS games, and simply put, this isn’t a problem anymore. This product is recommended for competitive gamers and anyone who needs it.

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