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Essential Mods for Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is a 2009 RPG made by BioWare. Modding has changed a lot over the years for the game, so be sure to read the installation instructions provided with each and every mod. These mods are quite essential, improving many aspects of the game and restoring cut content. They are a great way for people to get started playing Dragon Age: Origins.

Mod Name and Hyperlink Description
Dragon Age – Lighting Enhanced Use the DALE neutral preset! This is a SweetFX that greatly enhances the games’ visuals without ruining performance or BioWare’s artistic vision. It makes the game incompatible with its weak anti-aliasing implementation, so NVIDIA users should use SGSSAA (they always should use this for this game anyway). More details on how to enable SGSSAA can be found here and here.
Improved Atmosphere plus the fixpack This mod makes your party talk more often, it adds life to cities, villages, and other areas, it makes NPCs less static, and it’s full of game fixes.
Circles Be Gone This mod removes the big colorful circles underneath your characters’ feet, which are gamey and out of place.
Skip the Fade This mod actually removes some sections from one level in the game, and thankfully so because those sections are just horribly annoying. Literally nobody in the world likes them, so you’ll want to use this mod even if you’ve never played the game before.
Character Respecialization Gives you full control over the abilities and skills of all party members.
Combat Tweaks Combat Tweaks overhauls and rebalances the combat, and changes around certain battles in order to make them harder and more demanding of strategy and tactics.
Morrigan Restoration Patch As the name implies, this mod restores removed dialogue and scenes relating to Morrigan, one of the games primary characters. They were made by the developers and removed probably in order to get the game out faster, but this mod adds them back.
Grey Wardens of Ferelden This mod makes it so that Grey Wardens actually wear Grey Warden armor, and distributes the armor appropriately.
Lock Bash This mod gives you the ability to bash locked containers like in the Neverwinter Nights games. Doing so has a chance of breaking what’s inside.
Ancient Elven Boots Fix This mod adds Ancient Elven Boots back to the game. It was supposed to appear in the game normally, but never does unless you use this mod.

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