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GPU-Z Now Able to Detect Fake NVIDIA Graphics Cards


Fake graphics cards sold on Ebay have been a growing issue as of late. Most of these cards are coming from China are branded as Nvidia GTX 1060s but are in reality older graphics cards such as GT 440s. These cards come at a ridiculously low price luring in users that believe they are getting an insane deal on modern hardware. In the past these fake graphics cards have been hard to detect software-wise. TechPowerUp has taken matters into its own hands and enabled a feature in GPU-Z to detect these fake graphics cards.


Most users will not have an issue with fake graphics cards. Those who might fall victim are those who purchased a GPU from Ebay under a no-name brand that was priced much lower than it is currently trending. TechPowerUp’s release notes discussed how this works in detail:

“We worked extensively on the ability of GPU-Z to detect fake NVIDIA graphics cards (i.e cards not really having the GPU advertised on the box). GPU-Z now prepends “[FAKE]” to the Graphics Card name field, and lights up with a caution triangle. This capability is forward compatible for the supported GPUs (listed in the changelog), so for example, it will be able to detect a fake RTX 2060, which in reality uses a GK106 GPU.”

The new version of TechPowerUp’s GPU-Z can be downloaded here:

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