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Cooler Master Releases New Entry Level CM310 Gaming Mouse

CM310 Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master, has just released a brand new entry-level gaming mouse, the CM310, geared for both left and right handed users. This ambidextrous design is completely symmetrical so it should operate and feel the same regardless of which hand is driving it. Good news for you left handed gamers out there since 90% of all gaming mouse are designed for right-hand comfort. The CM310 is constructed of an ABS Plastic and rubber combination, and comes in just one color: Black.

But how will it game? According to Cooler Master, the mouse is equipped with a software-adjustable 10000-DPI sensor and has a polling rate of 1000 Hz / 1ms. Not bad for an entry level mouse. Also featured are 8 programmable buttons. To attract attention, the CM310 features RGB illumination across the scroll wheel, palm rest and around the outside of the mouse. These lights can be controlled via downloadable software.

Right now you can pick up one of these mice right now on Newegg for $29.99:

Product Page:


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