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The 50 Most Awesome Guns in Video Game History




Weapon Name: Nuke
Game Title: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Release Date: 1998, 2017 (remaster)
Platforms: PC / Nintendo 64
Genre: FPS
Developer: Iguana Entertainment, Nightdive Studios (remaster)
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment, Nightdive Studios (remaster)

The Nuke is a superweapon found in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. It requires a lengthy charge up time, but the resulting blast is enormous, blinding the player and freezing everyone in the vicinity. These frozen enemies then explode into pieces. Like the Chronoscepter from Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, the Nuke is not found in one piece, but requires collecting all of its pieces across all six levels of the game, so it can only be used toward the end.



Inflator footage starts at 03:56. Kudos to Ianbear64 for uploading this excellent video. Unfortunately Turok: Rage Wars lacks proper cheats without Gameshark, so recording a video for this game would’ve either required significant emulation tweaking to enable Gameshark cheats, or advancing through the game significantly which we did not have time for.

Weapon Name: Inflator
Game Title: Turok: Rage Wars
Release Date: 1999
Platforms: Nintendo 64
Genre: FPS
Developer: Acclaim Studios Austin
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment

The Inflator is a unique weapon built upon a somewhat comical concept. Like every other gun in Turok: Rage Wars it has two modes of operation: the first one fires needles filled with air, inflating the target. Continuous fire from this results in the enemy visibly inflating, filling with air, until they explode.

The second mode of fire is a much more powerful version with a long charge up time, but the result is one shot that inflates and then explodes the target into pieces! A lot of fun to use especially due to the visual effect of the enemy blowing up with air.



Weapon Name: Shuriken Gun
Game Title: Painkiller
Release Date: 2004
Platforms: PC / XBOX
Genre: FPS
Developer: People Can Fly
Publisher: DreamCatcher Interactive

The Shuriken Gun (aka Electrodriver) is Yahtzee Croshaw’s favorite Painkiller gun and one of the most insane combination weapons we have ever seen. The primary fire uses the driver to launch deadly shurikens at opponents at a blinding rate. Behold the real power of this weapon at medium range, where the shurikens explode and deal decent splash damage. While the rate of fire on the driver is very good, the speed at which the shurikens travel does require good target leading skills. For the most skilled users, learning to master the distance at which the shurikens explode will give them license to unleash utter devastation.

The alternative fire mode, sometimes referred to as the Lightning Gun, shoots out a continuous bolt of electricity that deals sustained damage. This is a great medium range weapon that combines both fire modes and leads to electrified shurikens which zap people. Given the creativity that went into this weapon, it is easy to understand why it’s a fan favorite.



Weapon Name: LaserKraftWork
Game Title: Wolfenstein: The New Order
Release Date: 2014
Platforms: PC / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 3 / XBOX One / XBOX 360
Genre: FPS
Developer: MachineGames
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

The LaserKraftWerk in Wolfenstein: The New Order is a multi-purpose tool of annihilation. In its primary mode it fires lasers which deal medium damage and can vaporize human targets (leaving only a skeleton) or deal heavy damage to robots. If charged up, it can outright decimate even mighty cyborgs turning them to paste. Once the player has upgraded it, they can even target parts of enemies or multiple smaller enemies to spread the carnage in just a single burst of energy. Non-elite enemies looking at the player as they fire an upgraded LaserKraftWork will be temporarily disoriented too.

Its other usage as a tool is also quite clever. It can be used to make holes in fences and barricades, creating dynamic cover or small doorways for the protagonist. This fire mode also lets it ignite people. Its only drawbacks are a low energy count and a long upgrade path. Still, it grows with the player and is a very powerful weapon which is easy to recharge after almost every fight.



Weapon Name: TAC Launcher
Game Title: Crysis
Release Date: 2007
Platforms: PC
Genre: FPS
Developer: Crytek
Publisher: Electronic Arts

The TAC Launcher is the most powerful weapon in Crysis. It is a handheld, portable gun that fires a nuclear warhead. A straightforward concept, also seen in the likes of Fallout 3 with its Fat Man, but the TAC Launcher of Crysis is better than similar weapons of mass destruction due to the physics, graphics, and sound of the game. It causes more destruction, even if not as much as was shown in pre-release footage shown below

There were a few mods that restored that level of physics and destruction for the TAC Launcher and other nuclear weapons in Crysis, but it would appear they were only uploaded onto Crymod, MyCrysis, and perhaps Fileplanet, since it can no longer be found. Crymod and MyCrysis no longer exist and Crytek deleted nearly all, or perhaps all mods uploaded, and Fileplanet has also lost tons of files over the years.



Weapon Name: Redeemer
Game Title: Unreal Tournament series
Release Date: 1999, 2003, 2004, 2007
Platforms: PC / Linux / Mac / PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 2 / XBOX 360 / Dreamcast
Genre: FPS
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: GT Interactive / Atari / Midway Games

The Redeemer from the Unreal Tournament franchise is a weapon of mass destruction. It fires a thermonuclear warhead that is as deadly as you’d expect. Its primary firing mode fires this warhead in a fire and forget mode. What makes it unique and so highly ranked is primarily the secondary fire mode, which lets you remotely control the warhead. If need be, it can also be detonated manually before impact. A cool feature in general, but to see this on a superweapon? Truly awesome.

The Unreal Tournament games have always been state of the art in their technology, from physics to particles and gore effects, so those also help boost the Redeemer’s ranking on this list.

Unfortunately, the Redeemer also has a notable list of drawbacks: It can be destroyed from afar, makes its user vulnerable in manual mode and has but a single missile. No reloading is possible and the set-up time is long



Weapon Name: Shredder
Game Title: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Release Date: 1998, 2017 (remaster)
Platforms: PC / Nintendo 64
Genre: FPS
Developer: Iguana Entertainment, Nightdive Studios (remaster)
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment, Nightdive Studios (remaster)

The Shredder from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil marks the highest ranked shotgun-like weapon on our list. It accepts two different ammo types: 12 gauge buckshot and 12 gauge explosive. What makes the Shredder stand out is the fact that its shots ricochet… a lot.

With regular buckshot rounds loaded, the ricochet is wild and uncontrolled, causing damage in a rather large radius. When used in a tight space, it is devastating. However, it is not quite as awesome or effective as the Flak Cannon from the Unreal Tournament series, which we went over already.

When you load explosive rounds, the Shredder transforms into an incredible killing machine. It fires a single explosive projectile, which ricochets and explodes for every impact until it reaches its limit. The result is a powerful explosion ricocheting around. It can kill multiple powerful enemies in one shot, especially when used in a confined area like a corridor. In such spaces, it is usually best to aim at the floor or the ceiling and let the projectile ricochet throughout the entire corridor, killing everything in its path. And since it’s explosive, it usually blows off limbs at the very least.



Weapon Name: Dark Matter Gun
Game Title: Quake 4
Release Date: 2005
Platforms: PC / Linux / Mac / XBOX 360
Genre: FPS
Developer: Raven Software
Publisher: Activision

The Dark Matter Gun from Quake IV lives up to its name. When fired, a dark matter ball slowly travels through the air until it hits a wall. Most enemies and small objects will be sucked into the small black hole and killed, though very large enemies will have to be shot a second time. On contact with a wall, the dark matter explodes, inflicting loads of damage to enemies caught in the blast radius. The sound effects are as satisfying as the ball is dangerous, and the dark matter looks damn cool in-game.



Weapon Name: BFG9000
Game Title: DOOM
Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC / PlayStation 4 / XBOX One
Genre: FPS
Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

This is the big kahuna, the archetypal big boy gun, and one of the chief inspirations for many others on this list. First used in DOOM (the original), it represents a gigantic plasma bazooka that completely obliterates entire rooms of weaker enemies and inflicts damage upon or straight up kills even the most powerful demons. It’s the very definition of a shooter super weapon—so much so that it has become a trope for gigantic overpowered weapons.

Later versions of the BFG are no less awesome. DOOM 3’s incarnation has a charging mechanic (which can lead to suicide if you overcharge) and fires a gigantic, slow moving blob of green plasma that upon impact could deal insane amounts of damage to all of the enemies near it. Since there is no kill like overkill, it also had rays of energy identifying enemies and meting out moderate punishment even before it would detonate. The DOOM (2016) version of the weapon is very similar but the projectile is faster and it doesn’t have the ability to charge, though its already huge radius was augmented, letting it clear entire rooms of enemies and gibbing them to pieces! This is why it gets our nod here.



Thanks to Rod Oracheski for the upload.

Weapon Name: M-490 Blackstorm
Game Title: Mass Effect 2
Release Date: 2010
Platforms: PC / PlayStation 3 / XBOX 360
Genre: Action RPG
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Here we have trare superweapon from Mass Effect 2 called the M-490 Blackstorm. It fires a heavy singularity projectile that pulls surrounding enemies into it, and then explodes violently, killing potentially huge amounts of enemies in a single devastating blast.

Aside from its obvious low ammo capacity, its primary downside is its availability. It can only be acquired via pre-order bonuses from specific retailers, or on consoles.

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