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The 50 Most Awesome Guns in Video Game History




Weapon Name: VSS Vintorez / AS Val / SR-3M “Vikhr”
Game Title: Garry’s Mod (Customizable Weaponry 2.0 mod)
Release Date: 2004
Platforms: PC / Linux / Mac
Genre: FPS / Sandbox
Developer: Facepunch Studios
Publisher: Valve Corporation

This is the final entry for Customizable Weaponry 2.0 mod for Garry’s Mod, we promise. Once again we have a gun so customizable that it ends up being multiple guns in one. The default configuration is that of the VSS Vintorez, a rather famous special purposes sniper rifle chambered for the subsonic 9x39mm ammunition. The fact that it fires such specialized ammunition is what makes it a unique weapon, and combined with the customization offered by this mod/game, this is why it ranks higher than the other guns from Customizable Weaponry 2.0.

The 9x39mm subsonic ammunition is able to be very effectively silenced by the integrated sound suppressor on the VSS Vintorez and AS Val configurations (the AS Val is not a sniper rifle, but an assault rifle variant with a folding stock). These weapons and this ammunition is designed for stealth engagements within 200m, and the ammunition is known for having decent armor penetration capability.

The SR-3M “Vikhr” is the latest, most modernized variant of the AS Val platform. The sound suppressor is no longer integrated, but optional, allowing for greater flexibility, the design of the folding stock has improved and a picatinny rail system is included. All of which is taken advantage of by Customizable Weaponry 2.0.



Weapon Name: Charge Dart Rifle
Game Title: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Release Date: 1998, 2017 (remaster)
Platforms: PC / Nintendo 64
Genre: FPS
Developer: Iguana Entertainment, Nightdive Studios (remaster)
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment, Nightdive Studios (remaster)

The Charge Dart Rifle in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil fires electrified darts that electrify your opponents. Electrified opponents are incapacitated, immobile, and helpless. The longer you hold the fire button before firing the rifle, the more powerful the electric charge fired. The power level of the electric charge changes the projectile’s color, making for an awesome visual effect.

A fully charged shot from the Charge Dart Rifle is enough to kill most enemies in the game, after electrifying them for a rather long time. The player can also take advantage of an enemy in an electrified state, due to their complete helplessness; as shown in the video above using a few different methods.



Credit to THE GAME ZONE for the video.

Weapon Name: TESLA
Game Title: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC / Linux / PlayStation 4 / XBOX One
Genre: FPS / Stealth
Developer: Eidos Montreal
Publisher: Square Enix

The TESLA is the only nonlethal weapon on this list. It fires multiple homing projectiles which incapacitate opponents. Not much else to say, it is very fun to use in combination with the excellent stealth gameplay of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.



Weapon Name: Milkor M32 MGL
Game Title: Arma 3 – RHSUSAF mod
Release Date: 2013 (Game), 2017 (Mod)
Platforms: PC
Genre: Shooter / Mil-Sim
Developer: Bohemia Interactive (Game), Red Hammer Studios (Mod)
Publisher: Bohemia Interactive (Game)

The Milkor M32 MGL is the world’s finest grenade launcher, clearly outclassing all others in the world today. A simulator such as Arma 3 is the best game to showcase such a weapon, although it does not by default. It is the RHSUSAF mod that makes this dream gun a reality within Arma 3.

It is a revolver grenade launcher with a six round capacity, rail system, and it features a reflex sight by default. It can fire all sorts of grenades; this mod and game lets you use various kinds of smoke and flare rounds, concussion grenades, and various types of HE grenades including armor piercing ones. Unfortunately it does not have a UAV round yet, but the diversity of this grenade launcher is phenomenal hence its appearance on our list.



This video demonstrates the same gun but in Arma 3, simply ported over with no changes to it.

Weapon Name: Atchisson AA-12
Game Title: Arma 2: Private Military Company
Release Date: 2010
Platforms: PC
Genre: Shooter / Mil-Sim
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Publisher: 505 Games / Meridian 4

The world’s finest shotgun. The Atchisson AA-12 is a fully automatic, near recoilless shotgun that accepts both 8 round box magazines and 20 round drum magazines. It is one of the most overpowered guns in reality, for combat it is just unfair compared to any other shotgun, and Arma 2: Private Military Company demonstrates this best. You can choose between 12 gauge buckshot, 12 gauge slug, and 12 gauge HE rounds by default, as shown in the video above.

It is even more incredible in reality, having top tier reliability as well. Here is a great overview of it.


This video best showcases the weapon starting at 1:30.


Weapon Name: Link Gun
Game Title: Unreal Tournament series
Release Date: 1999, 2003, 2004, 2007
Platforms: PC / Linux / Mac / PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 2 / XBOX 360 / Dreamcast
Genre: FPS
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: GT Interactive / Atari / Midway Games

The Link Gun is yet another unique weapon from the Unreal Tournament franchise. Like nearly every weapon in the series, it has two fire modes: the primary mode fires green plasma beams, which in the highlight of the series, Unreal Tournament 2004, has very pleasing particle effects as each beam is its own dynamic light source.

The secondary fire mode is a continuous beam of plasma which has to be kept on the target to do damage. The Link Gun is best used by chaining these two modes together, as the video above shows toward the end. Use primary fire first, then finish them off with the secondary fire. The result is a very quick yet brutal death for the opponent, as they are vaporized extremely quickly.



Weapon Name: Delta-12 Chain Gun
Game Title: DOOM
Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC / PlayStation 4 / XBOX One
Genre: FPS
Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

The Delta-12 Chaingun in DOOM is a powerful sounding death dealer that can turn demons into paste. With impressive particle effects and great gibs as it ventilates targets, it deserves respect. However, it gets our nod here due to its insane ability to turn into a tri-barrel monster of destruction. Yes, that is correct, a Chaingun that can turn into a Triple Chaingun. Not an original concept, but fitting for DOOM and this game makes great use of it.



Weapon Name: Translocator
Game Title: Unreal Tournament series
Release Date: 1999, 2003, 2004, 2007
Platforms: PC / Linux / Mac / PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 2 / XBOX 360 / Dreamcast
Genre: FPS
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: GT Interactive / Atari / Midway Games

The Translocator from the Unreal Tournament series is one of two guns featured in this article that are not primarily meant to be fired at live targets. It is a teleportation device, firing a harmless module. Pressing secondary fire lets you teleport to its position. In Unreal Tournament 2003 and above, you can also use it as a camera, viewing the surroundings from a camera mounted on the projectile, leaving you a sitting duck in the process.

Skilled players are also able to kill with it, because two objects cannot occupy the same space. So by shooting the projectile into an enemy player and then quickly teleporting into them, you cause instant death for the enemy as they explode into pieces. This is an impractical method of killing however, only really meant for showing off.



Weapon Name: 10mm HV Penetrator
Game Title: F.E.A.R.
Release Date: 2005
Platforms: PC / PlayStation 3 / XBOX 360
Genre: FPS
Developer: Monolith Productions
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment

Another excellent weapon from F.E.A.R., the 10mm HV Penetrator is a militarized nail gun. The nail projectiles are so powerful that enemies are impaled onto the walls behind them, as shown in the video above.



Weapon Name: Eviscerator
Game Title: Killing Floor 2
Release Date: 2016
Platforms: PC / PlayStation 4 / XBOX One
Genre: FPS
Developer: Tripwire Interactive
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive

A truly awesome weapon, the Eviscerator is one of the signature weapons for the Berserker class in Killing Floor 2, an outstanding co-op survival shooter. It is a multipurpose weapon, like many of the ones on this list. Its primary function is firing saw blades, which cuts right through most opponents, and ricochets off walls retaining some of its killing power. These spent saw blades can be picked up and fired again as well. Combined with this game’s industry leading gore effects, awesome slow-mo which triggers when you enter a superb killing streak, and industry leading first-person animations, you can see why that’s appealing. The Eviscerator also includes a laser sight by default for aiming.

The secondary fire mode also makes use of the powered saw, but rather than firing the blades you simply use it as a melee weapon, again to cut through foes.

Regardless of the firing mode you’re using, the Eviscerator is bound to leave a bloody mess. It’s a game changer of a weapon.

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