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EKWB Releases the EK-Annihilator Pro Series CPU Water Blocks

EK-Annihilator Pro Series Narrow

EKWB has just announced the release of two new additions to its Pro Series lineup of high end CPU water blocks. The new EK-Annihilator Pro Series blocks will come in two different mounting configurations, narrow ILM and Square ILM and are specifically designed for the Intel LGA 3647 (Socket P) platform. The new Pro Series blocks are mostly targeted towards server and enterprise environments which means quality and durability is a top priority. The slim design makes it a perfect choice for slim 1U server chassis configurations.

Versatility is one of the key components with the new EKWB water blocks. The EK-Annihilator PRO water block features a total of 9 ports, which allow for a wide range of connectivity options. There are three ports located on the top of the block which are the standard G1/4″ threaded configuration which are intended for workstations and taller server racks, while the 6 side ports, for low profile (1U) usage, are G1/8″ threaded.

This enterprise cooling solution is built for performance, reliability, serviceability and no compromises in mind. The EK-Annihilator PRO water block meets these demands with top thermal performance, and unparalleled connectivity making it the perfect choice for liquid cooling high-density computing systems.

The EK-Annihilator PRO water blocks are ultimately built for optimal performance and durability. The block features a base machined out of copper which according to EKWB is machined out of the highest quality copper available. The top of the block is CMC machined from thick black POM Acetal. The ILM mounts and brackets are constructed from laser cut stainless steel.

EK-Annihilator Pro Series Narrow EK-Annihilator Pro Series narrow TopEK-Annihilator Pro Series SquareEK-Annihilator Pro Series Top

Pricing and Availability: The EK-Annihilator PRO water blocks are made in Slovenia, Europe and available for purchase through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. In the table below you can see the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP):

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