Total War: Rome II Mod Guide

Hello GND readers, we’ve decided to continue our series of Mod Guides, this time with Total War: Rome II!

As you may or may not know, Rome II actually has a thriving modding community with a freely available SDK and Workshop Integration, making modding a very, very easy task.

If you trust my every word and have complete faith in the my mod choices without even looking at them you can go right over to my Steam Workshop collection and subscribe to them all, but make sure you read my description:

This guide contains personal recommendations and essential mods for playing Rome II. Many of these can be added in mid-playthrough but a handful of them will only take effect upon starting a new game. So this guide is best used when starting for the first time or starting a new playthough.

Note These mods work best when you have all DLC but will function just fine without them unless stated otherwise.


ChampLoos Gold Unit Compilation

This mod adds hundreds new units to the rosters of varying armies in the game. New beast models and armor textures will give your armies much greater variety and variation.

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Dresden’s Sack, Liberation and Diplomatic Options Mod

This is a fairly simple mod that opens up all the diplomacy options for all factions. Previously, only Barbarian Tribes were able to create a confederation, now that option is available to all nations meaning you can create a league among the Greeks or an Empire among the successor kingdoms as the Seleucids.

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Radious Unit Pack 2 – Rise of an Empire

This is another unit mod which adds over 100 new units to all Hellenistic nations, that means Epirus, Seleucid, Macedon, Athens, Sparta and more have all gained many new units to their roster, further diversifying their armies.

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Radious Unit Pack 1 – Barbarian Invasion

Another unit mod by Radious, this one adds over 100 new Barbarian units to the vast amount of Barbarian factions. The base game lacked Barbarian diversity so this is a must have.

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Radious and Farsovereign Unit Pack 3 – Eastern Empires

Radious, in collaberation with another modder has given us yet another large unit pack, this time for the many Eastern Empires. This mod affects all eastern nations such as Armenia, Pathia, Baktria and more. The Eastern nations already have some of the best armies, this only makes them even more varied and fun to use.

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Sand Empires Unit Pack

Radious is at it again! Here we have another awesome unit pack which adds many new units to various factions. All of these factions are unplayable without a mod(which you will find at the bottom of this page), but the units will be recruited by AI so you will be fighting them.

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Ancient Sea Empires Unit Pack

Another mod by Radious and others, this one adds about 15 new units to the rosters of the various nations bordering the Black Sea. These factions are unplayable unless you are using a certain mod(which you can find at the bottom of this page), but the AI will recruit them and use them against you(or as allies).

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Four Turns Per Year Mod

A simple yet fantastic mod that is very crucial to the game.
In the default Grand Campaign, each turn progresses time very quickly. So you’re left with generals and agents who die very quickly due to old age. This makes it very hard to develop these characters, but thankfully this mod changes that.

This won’t take effect unless you start a new game

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Guaranteed Major Faction Empires

Yet another simple mod! This mod makes it so huge factions such as Rome cannot get wiped out by neighboring barbarians such as Liguria or the Insubres. The complete list of major factions can be found on the mod page, but know that major factions can destroy each other. So Rome vs Carthage is fair game.

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Better Blood Textures for Blood&Gore DLC

As you can predict from the title, this mod affects the texture quality of the blood.
Simple, but it helps. It requires the Blood and Gore DLC, which you can buy on Steam.

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Traits, Talents and Toadies: Character Overhaul

This is a fantastic mod that revamps the Traits and Talents system in the game, making it MUCH more diverse and makes them have a much larger impact on the general and it’s armies. Now you won’t just be picking a trait for the hell of it, each one opens up an exclusive branch of traits and talents totally unique to this mod.

New playthrough is recommended for full experience

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The Lions of Carthage Elite Sacred Band

A small mod that makes these elite units of Carthage look very unique and not to mention badass. These will be quite a sight whether you’re playing as Carthage, or fighting them.

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Ancient Colors

A very subtle and simple mod that subdues some of the more vibrant uniform colors to be more historically accurate towards the type of dyes available in this time period.

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Bloody Animation

A small mod that’s best used with higher end computers. The Creative Assembly lowered the frequency of decapitations and dismemberment in a patch because it caused lower end PC’s to stutter, but those of us with high end PCs suffer by getting a less brutal battlefield. This fixes that. Dismemberment and decapitations will happen more often based on the types of weapons the soldiers are using.

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Enhanced Particles

This is a very immersive mod that increases the density of dust particles in the game. This mod creates a much more realistic atmosphere during battles.

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Below are mods that I do not find essential, but add quite a bit to the game.

All Factions Playable

I would not call this mod essential because Rome II already features a massive number of playable factions, even without DLC. This mod takes it many steps further by unlocking every single nation and giving them fairly unique traits.
This mod is further enhanced by the various unit packs by Radious, which work well with this mod, giving the previously unplayable factions a much more diverse and varied roster.

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GEM Graphics Enhancement Mod

Quite simply a graphics mod. This mod is not essential because it is based on personal preference. Some may like the outcome of this mod, others may not.

Here is a link to the workshop page, but READ THE INSTALLATION NOTES!

Simply subscribing does not fully install this mod.
You must download the files specified in the installation notes, and put it where it says to, then subscribe on Workshop and then in your Rome II folder, run the SteamInstaller. You should be good to go after that, just follow the instructions.

That’s it for the Rome II Mod Guide. More mods will be added as they come out and are deemed worthy of this guide. Feel free to leave any comments or questions.

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