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Thermaltake Releases RGB-Enabled Pacific CL360 and C360/240 Radiators

Thermaltake CL360 C240 Radiator Featured

Thermaltake has just released two new radiators to add to its TT Pacific radiator family, the Pacific CL360, C360 and the Pacific C240 radiators. Both the “C” family radiators are ultra-thin measuring in at 27mm thickness making them even more compatible with smaller case installs. The radiators feature a pure copper construction and a 12-set flat tube design and brass tanks. Stainless steel side panels are also installed to increase durability and reduce the overall weight of the radiator adding an overall feel of quality to that custom liquid cooling setup.

The Pacific CL360 Plus RGB radiator is a 360mm copper radiator which includes a pure copper fin design. An RGB enabled strip runs the length of the radiator the is supported by TT RGB Plus control software. This software can be controlled using TT AI Voice Control, or Amazon Alexa voice service. Additionally, the radiator comes with a digital lighting controller which users can use to control the RGB effects.

Both the Pacific C360/240 are “Tt LCS Certified” meaning that extra care and attention was put into the design and construction phase and it ensures first-class performance from the best features and fitment. “The Tt LCS certification is a way for Thermaltake to designate to all power users the chassis which have been tested for best compatibility with extreme liquid cooling configurations.”

Thermaltake C360 C240 Radiator Cooling Thermaltake C360 C240 Radiator Fin Design

According to Thermaltake, fin density in the new radiators is optimally designed to accommodate high air volume. The performance improves significantly with increased fan speed, offering superior cooling efficiency during operation.The new radiators also utilize a stainless steel side panel on either side that increase the overall durability and strength of the radiator while keeping weight down.

Thermaltake C360 vs C240 Radiator Thermaltake CL360 C240 Radiator RGB Strip Thermaltake CL360 C240 Radiator RGB Thermaltake CL360 C240 Radiator Front

Pricing and Availability of the Thermaltake CL360 and CL360/240

All three radiators are available now and are available for purchase from thermaltake’s Website.

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