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Remembering Colin Wyckoff (Kitty0706) – One of the Best YouTubers

One year ago today the world lost a great entertainer. His name was Colin Wyckoff, better known as Kitty0706 on YouTube. Complications from treatment of Leukemia claimed his life, but we like to remember what he brought to us in life: absolutely hilarious Garry’s Mod videos, parodies, filled with video game references, tropes, and more. He made videos right up until the end.

Those who never browsed his YouTube channel definitely should. Below are our favorite videos from his channel, but there are many even we haven’t yet seen. There’s no better way for us to remember Colin than to laugh endlessly at his videos, don’t you think? Some are truly masterpieces, like our favorite, “Mass Defect.” Note that YouTube blocked the video in the US because of Copyright claims from heartless game studios, so it was reuploaded onto another channel.

This may be our favorite video, but his most popular is Team Fabulous 2.

Some others we love:

These videos age very well, it never hurts to rewatch them! Well, except your sides. Those might hurt. When rewatching you may catch references you missed the first time. We have yet to find a Garry’s Mod producer as talented as Kitty0706. It’s likely we never will.

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