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SCP Labrat Early Access Now Available

SCP Labrat is a VR remake of SCP: Containment Breach, a free 2012 horror game. Now made on Unity engine, Labrat is updated not only for VR, but also stability, as the original game on Blitz3D engine is notoriously unstable. We’ve been waiting for a quality VR horror game for a long time, and now one has finally arrived. As a bonus, like the original game, SCP Labrat is free!

Now available in Steam early access, SCP Labrat is a first person survival horror game set in the SCP Foundation universe. It takes place in a procedurally generated high security facility designed to securely contain anomalous, and very dangerous, “SCP” objects. Each of these SCPs is its own horror story, and its own completely unique in-game enemy. As the name of the original game implies, a containment breach occurs and you must try to survive it, figure out how it happened, and escape.

Due to its procedurally generated nature, it is a very dynamic game, and a very challenging one. SCP Labrat already contains most of the content from the original game, much of it reworked to fit into a VR title. The difficulty has actually been toned down slightly in some areas, such as SCP-939 and its ability to detect the player. These changes are necessary for a VR game and so far, the progress is looking outstanding.

The VR experience is impressive as well, even featuring a full body for the player rather than the usual floating hands. It is surprisingly ambitious, especially considering the fact that it’s a free game, with eye tracking and a lot more on the radar. See its progress spreadsheet here, and download the game on Steam for free.

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