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Essential Mods for Rainbow Six 3

Rainbow Six 3: Gold is the best CQB tactical shooter in existence. As much a strategy game as a shooter. But its modding community is amazing and they have fixed and improved so many things about the game. Here is a guide on how to get the most out of it in single player.

If you want to play multiplayer, then install these mods on a second copy of the game. You can just copy the game’s installation folder somewhere and keep one of them unmodded for multiplayer, and one modded for single player. Yes, multiplayer is still alive thanks to the AllR6/Tactical-Gaming community.

For multiplayer, all you need is this. For single player, install everything listed below on a second copy.

Mod Name / Hyperlink Description
Guide for getting started This step-by-step guide contains the vast majority of mods you’re going to need. Do exactly what it says, then proceed to the mods below. IGNORE THE OPENRVS DOWNLOAD IN THIS GUIDE, it is out of date. See below for the latest.
OpenRVS Unofficial patch for the game, fixes multiplayer and bugs and adds FOV adjustment. Use this instead of the one linked in the above guide, this one is up to date.
Snake Camera v3 The snake cam is akin to SWAT’s optiwand; it is a tiny camera that allows you to see under doors.
Bullets Through Walls Mod Simple bullet penetration, not overdone.
Sound fix Fixes flaws in the default sounds of Rainbow Six 3.
HQ Explosion Sound Effects Self explanatory, another nice improvement.
Twi’s Bot AI Bot AI that is meant to resemble players, so this follows Unreal/Unreal Tournament bot logic. For multiplayer and single player custom matches only, does not affect custom campaigns.
Twi’s Shader Preset A ReShade preset for this game. I can’t get ReShade to even detect the game, but perhaps you’ll have better luck.
Updated mod files – Install this AFTER everything above Basically loads the above mods correctly. Install this LAST, after installing everything above.
DSOAL Converts the game’s sound to OpenAL, enabling advanced EAX effects and 3D HRTF. Read more about the installation here.
d3d8to9 Converts D3D8 API calls and low level shaders to D3D9 for improved compatibility and performance.

To load these mods, edit OpenRVS.ini in the game installation\System directory and set the following:


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