5 Steps You Need to Take to Ensure the Security of Your Game

When you are developing a game for any platform, security is one of the last things to perfect before releasing the game on to the market, but unless you have actually closed off all the gaps in code and everything else that hackers can potentially use to cheat, steal or damage the game, its players or the business model in some way, you just can’t release it. Of course, developers have made that mistake in the past, but it almost always brings so much negativity towards your game that releasing a half-secured game is a very bad idea.

This fact that it is a bad idea becomes even more prominent in mobile games that depend heavily on microtransactions and in-app purchases. One cannot expect their players to be happy spending money in a game where hackers can cheat to win or have expensive items for free! Therefore, to protect your game and your players from malicious codes, hacking attempts and everything else out there, here are five positive steps that you can take to secure the application.

Securing the Code

If you are the investing partner rather than the developer, then you will not be able to do this on your own, of course, but using your influence, you should make sure that each and every line of code is checked and rechecked for security gaps and vulnerabilities on a fairly regular basis. This is a routine checkup actually and should be done multiple times in different scenarios by the development team, before releasing the game to the public.

Consider Completing an MBA in Business Intelligence Course

Both coders and investing partners can benefit from an MBA program in Business Intelligence for multiple reasons.

It is one thing to develop a video game for a platform, but to be able to optimize every aspect of the business model which the game is supposed to be centered around isn’t something that a programmer is taught to handle.

In terms of securing your game, management graduates with Business Intelligence specializations are taught to identify and neutralize potential security threats to a business prospect, even before they can occur.

What all this means is that whether you are a programmer or not, an accredited online MBA in Business Intelligence will teach you everything you need to know about handling security aspects of the game, that go beyond the code and enter the realm of business. For example, cheat proofing the codes will not get you a business patent to will prevent other companies from monetizing your idea and hard work!

The Patches are All Important

There is a reason why Google releases monthly patches for Android devices and that reason has a lot to do with closing security gaps which pop up every single month.

As any coder will tell you, there is no way to release a piece of software that will be permanently hackproof, unless it is being serviced with regular patches. Make sure your game remains protected by continuing to support the game with new updates against new threats.

The Gateway is What You Will Need to be Really Careful with

Obfuscation is a common technique used by a lot of smaller developers to secure their gateways during in-app purchases, but automated processes can break these obscure codes quite efficiently these days.

Instead, rely on clean coding and a reliable game architecture, although that’s easier said than done. Obfuscation can still be useful in deterring and confusing the hackers though, so implementing them on top of clean code and excellent core architecture is a great idea.

API Security

API security is as important as it is complex, but the following basics are to be maintained at all time.

  • Data-in-motion must be secured to prevent hackers from getting through to payment gateways
  • Identification of every user account should be mandatory every time
  • Suspicious behavior of any kind should lead to the account’s suspension
  • Every single registered API should be identifiable by the system
  • On detecting unauthorized access or manipulation of the API, it should be instantly deactivated
  • Long term access tokens, where applicable, should require user PIN
  • Two-factor authentication should be a must-have for all user sessions

One-hundred percent security is never an assured thing because no one can predict everything that may happen in the future. Nonetheless, by taking the steps we just discussed and adding every other security measures to your game that we missed, you will decrease the app’s vulnerabilities almost to nothing, giving you and the players an assurance of a safe in-game environment.

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