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Noctua Releases NT-N2 Thermal Paste & Cleaning Wipes

Noctua NT-H2 Thermal Paste

Noctua has just leveled up its thermal compound game building on the iconic NT-H1 by releasing the NT-H2 which offers greater thermal transfer capabilities for reduced temperatures. The thermal paste comes in two different sizes, a 3.5g tube as well as 10g. When applying thermal paste, surface prep is also important. To aid in this effort, Noctua has announced the release of NA-SCW1 which are cleaning wipes that comes in a pack of 20.

“First introduced in 2007 and shipped with our premium-quality CPU coolers for more than 10 years, our NT-H1 thermal compound has proven its excellent performance in countless tests and reviews,” says Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “It’s chosen again and again by overclockers and hardware enthusiasts around the globe, not only for its efficiency but also for its ease of application and cleaning. Today, we’re proud to present the new, second-generation NT-H2 that provides even better performance!”

The new NT-H2 builds on the performance of NT-H1 thermal paste by using more fine-tuned mixture of metal oxide microparticles for even lower thermal resistance and reduced bond-line thickness at typical mounting pressures. In turn this provides better performance overall. Noctua has published their own in house tests comparing the two thermal compounds:

Noctua NT-H1 versus NT-H2

Prices and Availability

All models will be available via Noctua’s official Amazon and eBay within the next few days. Other sales partners will receive stock shortly. The suggested retail prices are as follows:

  • NT-H2 3.5g: 12.90 EUR/USD
  • NT-H2 10g: 24.90 EUR/USD
  • NT-H1 3.5g: 7.90 EUR/USD
  • NT-H1 10g: 14.90 EUR /USD
  • NA-SCW1: 7.90 EUR/USD

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