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Be Quiet! Releases Pure Power 11 Series PC Power Supplies

Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 Series PSU

Be Quiet! has just announced the release of it’s brand new lineup of high end PC power supplies, the Pure Power 11 Series. The 11 series consists of six different models ranging from 300w to 700w with fixed, non-modular cables, and four models ranging from 400w to 700w with modular cables.

The Pure Power 11 series features DC-to-DC power transformation which was introduced in the 10 series. This improves performance and simplified voltage regulation and efficiency up to  92% with 80 PLUS Gold certification. Higher efficiency reduces operating costs and leads to less heat generation and quieter operation. Manufacturer warranty has also been increased from three to five years.

Pure Power 11’s standout technology includes a DC-to-DC convertor, significantly improving both voltage quality on the 3.3V and 5V rails as well as crossload stability. The so-called “Active Clamp + SR” topology contributes to high efficiency ratings and stability. Pure Power 11 power supplies rated 400 watts or higher are 80 PLUS Gold certified, peaking at 92% efficiency. The models with 300 or 350 watt output are 80 PLUS Bronze certified. Up to 96% of the PSU’s total power goes to the 12V rails powering the PC’s critical components.

Features of the Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 Series Power Supplies

Silent operation with a proven cooling fan
Along with reduced motor and bearing noise, Pure Power 11’s power supply fan is just as reliable as its predecessor’s. The fan curve is automatically fine-tuned using an independent temperature sensor to control the airflow-optimized fan blades. Thanks to an overall increased efficiency the fan speed is reduced, resulting in a low noise level of no more than 25.9 dB(A).

High level of protection
The integration of all modern and relevant protection circuits is quite unique for a power supply series at Pure Power 11’s price point. Included protection circuits are UVP (under voltage protection), OVP (over voltage protection), SCP (short circuit protection), OPP (overload protection), OCP (over current protection) and OTP (overheating protection). Also, a built-in surge protector safeguards the power supply against voltage spikes, guaranteeing maximum safety.

Premium design and cable management
Pure Power 11 follows be quiet!’s design philosophy and comes with high-quality black cables. Fixed cables are equipped with high-grade black sleeving for clean interior aesthetics, while the cable management models feature flat and easy-to-route modular cables for drives and PCI-Express connectors. 400 and 500 watt models provide two PCIe connectors to support multiple GPUs, while the 600 and 700 watt models are equipped with four PCIe connectors.

Pure Power 11 series is available now in major markets except North-America. Market availability in the US is scheduled for beginning of December. Pure Power 11 CM with modular cables is available in 400W (€65.90/£59.99), 500W (€79.90/£69.99), 600W (€89.90/£79.99), and 700W (€104.90/£94.99). Pure Power 11 with fixed cables is available in 300W (€47.90/£42.99), 350W (€52.90/£47.99), 400W (€59.90/£52.99), 500W (€69.90/£62.99), 600W (€79.90/£69.99), and 700W (€95.90/£84.99).

Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 Series PSU Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 Series PSU 700W Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 Series PSU 600W Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 Series PSU 500W Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 Series PSU 400W

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