"Make a Great Game, Get Rich, Then Half-Ass Everything Else"  

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Not sure of a proper title for this article yet. Something like "The Obvious Pattern Nobody Talks About in the Gaming Industry" or something along those lines. It needs to be discussed openly on the front page.

Examples that must be cited:

  • Battlefield franchise - DICE/EA
  • BioWare
  • Call of Duty franchise - Infinity Ward/Activision
  • Crysis series - Crytek/EA
  • Dawn of War III?
  • DayZ pioneered this in the Early Access environment
  • Far Cry series - Once Ubisoft got their hands on it
  • Obsidian
  • Rainbow Six - Ubisoft
  • Resident Evil - Capcom
  • Star Wars: Battlefront - DICE/EA

There have got to be more examples. List them. Splinter Cell? Ghost Recon? Blizzard? I'm not familiar enough with those but that's alright. Honestly that's probably enough right up there.

- EDIT: Here:

Posted : 03/11/2017 9:30 pm

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