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Linux Mint 8 Helena is COOL!  


Ok guys I was bored out of my head, simply because I have been bored to hell from all the games I have at the moment and ermmm the 2 games I really love playing I don't have, I decided to install Ubuntu (its a modified version of Linux).

Just before I downloaded it I read that it is not as good as some other versions of Linux. One of the recommended ones was Linux Mint 8 Helena edition. So I said ok as it is free lets give it a go. I have installed it and it has been brilliant so far. I have never seen such an operating system that is meant to be for coding/programming etc... yet has more special and visual effects than any Windows out there (not matter how modded it is!). And I was stunned by it and for example I will give you a few things it does.

First is you can go in the control panel and select millions of options that can make it look like something you never imagined could happen. I have set up mine so when I open up a window it comes as a blast rail shot (some electric effects too). When I close my window it burns and the bits fall down on my taskbar and then disappear after 5 seconds... All this requires descent amount of graphics power (it is using 40% of my 4890 at the moment) but I don't really care because it is insanely good.

It has many many many many.... many many more features like this and it will take me absolutely ages to tell you them, but I will make a review on this OS soon for you guys.

I have installed this OS on a separate partition on my hard disk and I am using it just for fun and so it looks nice. I love the software packages it has and a lot of media editing tools too (for those of you that don't know MAC OS X is basically a modified Linux, just like Mint).

You can't play any of the games you do on Windows but who cares this was never made for games. Yet you can get the same effects as you will in a game, on your desktop.

Anyway I am drifting away from my point. I was wondering, why does my (for example) GND Website page look so stunning, and by that I mean the colours, font is so neat and has no jerky lines, the contrast ration is amazing, and every picture looks so smooth and so high res.... I don't get that in windows for some reason and it is really weird ?!

Here is a screen-shot of what it looks like:


Here is a link to the picture again where its not so blured as it came out:

I am using the same res, same settings etc....

What do you think?

EDIT: I like colours so what! 😀

Posted : 15/02/2010 4:49 pm