I am shocked....
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I am shocked....


I was talking with Enad today through steam and he told me that there's not to much gamers here anymore... and i am shocked... I know you guys are older than me but gaming is what we here are pose to do! We are the Geeks Next Door and The Gamers Next Door! I know for a fact that today was there were 2 playing games on steam there should be more than that You guys shouldn't waste you games! play them! I know most aren't friends with me on steam.... but i play on there everyday weather it be left dead, 18 wheels of steel, But my point is whats happening is we have people on the minecarft server who don't know we have a forums there's about 10 people here on the forums from there sad... But my main point is come on guys lets game lets be pc gamers and play with each other again as a community as a clan once again..

Topic starter Posted : 23/11/2012 12:28 am