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Edits will be incoming. We want to input extra energy into GND in order to drive more traffic to the site and get more products to review.

First orders of buisness are:

  1. New Skin - Dark Styles are outdated, so below are some lighter options.
  2. New Logo - One to match the new forum style.
  3. More forum posting - from forums games to serious content.
  4. Send out a shit ton of emails.

Product Requesting
We want to send out a lot of emails to various companies, "tricking" each company into sending us product by saying we have a lot of gear from their competitors coming in. Targeting slightly older products (for example GTX 9xx series) could be ideal due to new lines coming out soon. I want to review stuff people actually care about. If you review a PSU, make it interested with coloured "CableMod" cables. Small cases are also really popular, as well as Ultrawide or High refresh rate monitors.

If you look at YouTube channels that review stuff, they try and avoid all the technical details and focus on maintaining the audiences interest. Including related GIFs (like the thumb screws that don't fall off) in a case review adds an extra dimension to the media in the article.

See the spoiler for a request I sent to Gigabyte:
Please see attached .zip file for proof of analytics.

Dear Gigabyte,

Thank you for your fast response. is a website founded in 2009 by hardware enthusiasts from a variety of technology forums such as EVGA, Overclock.Net, Nvidia and and as such share a desire to provide detailed information, news and reviews to our readers. We are currently in the process of writing reviews for multiple products which we would love for your company to be apart of. These reviews will be posted regularly over the period of two months to draw traffic to our website and those of the product providers.

We currently have almost 19,000 members who have created 40,954 threads and 114,538 posts. With the release of our reviews within our upcoming months we expect our member count to increase to 25,000 members. On average we receive 8,000 page views per month with around 3,500 users. Unfortunately this has dropped over the past six months but has been rising steadily over the past 30 days due to an increased effort from all the staff.

Regarding the eSports team, aside from the LAN results I have already mentioned, we have a Twitter reach of over 105,000 followers which balloons during tournaments and finals. This is in addition to our ~ 1000 likes on our brand new Facebook page. As you can see from the attached graphs, these have been steadily growing over the past few weeks. Additionally, whilst we compete in tournaments such as Dreamleague Season 5 we receive increased exposure from the official streams, which are even broadcasted live on Swedish TV. For example, during our time on over 38,000,000 viewers tuned in with over 90,000 of these viewers favourited the stream for repeated viewing. If you would like, I would be happy to wear a Gigabyte branded T-Shirt/Jumper for my appearances on these streams.

As you can see, the combination of both GND-Tech and Mamas Boys Dota provides a great marketing opportunity for both our parties and I look forward to any future cooperation.


Joe Eastham

GND-Tech - Head of Marketing
Mamas Boys Dota - Founder and Manager

Contacted Companies

  • Gigabyte - Laptop + GTX 980.

Confirmed Products

  • Fnatic Gear Keyboard + Mouse + Mousepad.
  • AKG 7xx Red - (Self purchase, will only review if I can get a sound card from Creative (Who I'm emailing soon) for a comparison article.

Contact List

If you're interested in rebooting GND or have any ideas, use this thread.

Posted : 04/03/2016 12:25 pm

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