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God Of War III = UBER


Well PS3 did it again, another 10/10 perfect score PS3 exclusive.
After Uncharted 2 comes God Of War III

I just beat the game and lets just say it deserves every one if its stars.


#1 Beautiful textures, architecture, lighting, shadows.
#2 Range of weapons to change up your basic play statics with many unlock-able moves.
#3 Good voice acting with famous actors, that fit there part perfect.
#4 Very good story that will keep your attention.
#5 Awesome mini battles to rip your enemies apart.
#6 Puzzles that make you do more then run around hacking and slashing you may need to put your thinking cap on.
#7 Blood and guts, in the end boys just like that kinda stuff, I don't know why its just cool.
#8 Something I personally liked, there was a part where Kratos had to pull off his own tuff man armor to look at him self and his own actions to make right or wrong choices, added a new level into the character I thought.
#9 You got the beat the crap out of some Greek gods and I do mean beat the crap out of them very cool.
Finally #10 You can only play it on the PS3 SUCKERS!!!!

Oh yeah and don't play this game with little ones around, it is.. violent and has a few girls in less the modest clothing.

Topic starter Posted : 13/04/2010 11:13 am
BOT Admin

I've heard of this game and it looks fun. It's times like these I wish I had a PS3. :/

Posted : 13/04/2010 2:45 pm

wow, looks (and sounds) pretty epic.

do a review for GND!

Posted : 17/04/2010 10:59 am