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Warframe - Get it Here!  


Okay, not "here," but I'll tell you how to get your own key with minimal effort. Settle down now, there are enough for all of you. And your friends. And their immediate relatives. And pretty much everyone who would like to play. P.S. - I played this game with a friend earlier today, and it is very fun as a duo. It would probably be a faceroll with four players (higher levels not included).

1.) Go to: Free Wareframe Keys from MMOBomb
2.) Make an account, and log in.
3.) Click the big yellow button on the page, and get a key.
4.) Follow their directions to activate it.

In case you need the rest of the links:
Warframe Signup
Warframe Key Activation(after Signup/Verification)

EDIT: If any of you want to play, add me: Chrysalis. Message me on steam if I'm not on: ShockValue.

Posted : 05/01/2013 12:24 pm


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