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SweetFX / ReShade Me Recommendations for DAO & ME2? Other Questions  

New to GND-Tech

Hey folks, I've recently returned to some of my favorite titles in gaming and started optimizing them for looks and performance. New video cards can do that, 😛 (moved from an AMD HD7870 to MSI's GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G). Now, I'm working with a 59+ hz monitor (one of those "not true 60hz" versions, per Win7) and a pretty good version of the GTX 1070. I've already looked through Jester's 'How To' article on using NVidia Inspector to Greatly Improve Image Quality in Pre-DX10 games, and I believe I've successfully applied the 4x SGSSAA to both. But I'm still lacking that final ingredient in the benefits of either SweetFX or ReShade Me. Sooo, I'm wondering what recommendations people have for those two games, either in presets or other suggestions ("don't even use it, fool!"). I have seen Jester's complementary sticky on recommended mods for DAO, which I guess is what he would still recommend? But I'm a little less for sure with ME2. The only mod that I know I want to add to ME2 is the one that allows you to hide your helmet, so I can get the full benefits of the Kestrel Armor without losing access to my carefully crafted (lifted from someone else) face.

I'm also wondering about what kind of options via NVidia Inspector, SweetFX, or other tools there are for Wasteland 2: the Director's Cut. Currently, I've applied the optimization of GeForce Experience to that game (and only that game) but mostly out of a lack of ideas for anything else. I've read in a few places that WL2 (or the Unity 5 engine?) has some issues with various tweaks, so I'm not confident I should go beyond that. Also had a number of crashes in late game Arizona once I hit the Temple of Titan, though I was running the AMD card at the time, and I've since then done a full OS Re-install, going back to Windows 7 from 10 (which didn't work as well on a clean install as it did as an update to Win7).

Any recommendations and suggestions very happily welcome, this is all pretty new to me still.

My Favorite Games: Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins, Wasteland 2 Director's Cut, the rest of the Mass Effect Series, and Half-Life 2. Baldur's Gate II stands as my favorite game that made me never want to leave the world of video games. I look forward to having a truly modern beast machine for playing Witcher 3 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Hopefully everyone can now see my system specs (they were filled in previously but I completely missed the checkbox that let them be seen by anyone other than me).

Posted : 13/03/2017 7:44 pm