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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Announced  

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Neverwinter Nights is a 2002 RPG by BioWare based on Dungeons & Dragons 3. It was one of the most revolutionary RPGs, bringing new levels D&D content (thus more character builds, skills, abilities, spells, weapons than ever before, and many times more of all of these than almost any modern RPG) and combining this with 3D graphics technology which was unique for the genre at the time. It remains available with all expansions at GOG.

Beamdog, known for making "Enhanced Edition" remastered games, is now giving Neverwinter Nights the same treatment. This is the first time they are remastering a 3D game. It remains fully compatible with all mods and modules for the original game! Which is a necessity, since nobody plays NWN for the default campaigns (though Kingmaker, a premium module included with the game, is really good if I recall correctly).

It looks like it will resurrect multiplayer. While NWN multiplayer is still played today by purists, it requires a custom server browser since it used Gamespy. Shouldn't be the case here. It also has a revamped, easier to use SDK supposedly. The next biggest change should be the UI, and it shouldn't have issues starting in fullscreen mode on Windows 10 like a lot of other games do. It will have some graphics enhancements as well, namely post processing according to Beamdog.

Official website with announcement:

Steam page (it isn't on GOG yet but I assume it will be):

My opinion on this: Not needed. NWN still works, the UI isn't too bad at 4k and the game supports any resolution and refresh rate out of the box. Actual enhancements will be very minor. They should have focused their efforts on better RPGs more in need of enhancing, most of all Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.

Posted : 21/11/2017 7:08 pm