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For anyone who missed these epic D&D 3 and 3.5 RPGs (respectively), or for anyone who wants to get back into them, here are some must-have mods that will enhance your overall experience. Installing mods for these game is very easy: drag and drop, much like Dragon Age games. Most mods are extracted to various folders in your Documents\Neverwinter Nights (2) directory, especially override folder. When installing mods, follow the installation instructions for each one. Note that most, if not all of these mods, require the latest version and all expansions to be installed.

First up is Neverwinter Nights 2:


Tchos HD Widescreen UI Menu and Loading Screen

This mod revamps the menu so that it fits widescreen monitors better, and changes the theme.


Tchos HD UI panels and dialogue compilation and expansion

An absolute must-have, this mod makes the UI usable at widescreen, large resolutions. Normally when running resolutions like 2560 x 1440 and larger, the UI gets ridiculously small. This mod fixes that.


NWN2 Facelift Pack

As the name indicates, this mod adds new and improved HD faces for characters. It doesn't change the general look of people and isn't designed to appeal to weirdos, it's a normal HD character mod.


All NWN2 Terrain Re-bumped-mapped

If you couldn't figure out what this mod does by the name, shame on you. New high res terrain with improved bump mapping.

All NWN2 Grass Desaturated with Added Detail

Not only does this mod improve grass detail, it also desaturates it so it is no longer blinding neon-green.

Floorboards (Hi Rez & Bump-mapped)

High res floorboards. Who would have guessed?

Real Paving Stones, Kerbs/ Curbs & Bricks

Another necessary retexture.

Real Oak and Mahogany Textures (Hi Rez & Bump-Mapped)

Another high res, bump mapped retexture.

Neverwinter Cobble texture (Hi Rez & Bump-mapped)

High res, bump mapped cobblestone textures.

All Bracers, Pauldrons, Greaves now Shiny, Retextured & re-bumpmapped

Armor retextures.

All NWN2 Cloaks Retextured (Hi-Res & Bumpmapped)

High res cloak textures.

JOG's Neverwinter Nights 2 mods

The above link is to several mods and unofficial patches. I recommend installing MotB: Spirit Energy Tweak and using the 1/2 setting, MotB: Rooster-Cheat (hardly a cheat, it lets you use one additional party member since locking out one party member is stupid), and Devil's Sight Tweak. The other fixes probably aren't needed since patches have come out since then, but I can't confirm.

Deserk's NWN 2 Portraits

More portraits! Much better than default, which is just your character's face.

Zack's NWN 2 Portraits

Can't have too many portraits.

Colored scroll icons

Replaces the inventory icons for scrolls with ones that match the spell icon, making them easier to distinguish in the inventory.

For those who have finished one or more playthroughs of Neverwinter Nights 2 and the expansions, and want to move onto something new, check out some of the many custom campaigns or modules for the game. I suggest only playing one at a time, and deleting it when finished for mod compatibility's sake. Some of the ones you'll want to check out first are Baldur's Gate Reloaded, an unofficial remake of Baldur's Gate, as well as Icewind Dale - NWN 2, an unofficial remake of Icewind Dale, and The Temple of Elemental Evil Unlocked, based on the pen and paper module of the same name. Check out much more here and here.

As mentioned earlier, to install these mods, follow the instructions which usually just involve dropping files and folders into the aforementioned override folder. When all mods are installed, the override folder should look something like this:


Note that there are a few folders in there, and the rest is all loose files like texture files (.dds), images (.tga), and some WAV files.

I have also updated Draco's class pack to work with the latest version of NWN 2, but I only included Mystic Theurge and Eldritch Theurge (two of the most awesome prestige classes ever).  Here is a link to these additional classes as well as all of the mods listed above. So if you choose to use this, disregard everything above since it's all included!

The catch is, this mod breaks the Sorcerer class in order to replicate Mystic Theurge and Eldritch Theurge. Engine limitations prevent from properly implementing these classes. So only use this if you intend to play as a Favored Soul/Sorcerer/Mystic Theurge or Warlock/Sorcerer/Eldritch Theurge, otherwise you can still download it but then install this on top of it, overriding the three files that intentionally break the Sorcerer class. The benefit of this is, it includes other balance tweaks, namely more feats when leveling up akin to Pathfinder.


For Neverwinter Nights (the first one, including Enhanced Edition), you only really need NWNCQ Project, Community Expansion Pack, and Player Resource Consortium. Get the Extended version of NWNCQ. NWNCQ is a graphics overhaul, Community Expansion Pack (CEP) adds lots of content for custom modules/campaigns, and Player Resource Consortium (PRC) is a massive addon that basically adds the vast majority of core D&D 3rd edition content to NWN! PRC adds hundreds of races (that's right), dozens of skills, hundreds more feats and spells, it makes NWN potentially the best video game RPG of all time, but of course it won't increase role-playing in existing content but only for content made with PRC.

I also recommend Shifter and Shapechange Fixes and Additions, a tweak I made that gives polymorphed forms the abilities they should have (Shapechange and Polymorph spells are severely lacking this), made similar tweaks to Shifter forms, replaced Large Dire Tiger form with Beholder, and replaced Vampire form with Ghoul King.

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