My Dayz Story  


Sorry, I have no screen shots to enhance the story, I though it was taking them and saving them into my Steam library, But I found out that feature does not work in the mod 🙁 Fraps it is for me now on.

Get dayz they said. My whole department was playing it. I resisted for weeks. The less than admirable graphics combined with the howls of frustration I heard nightly from ladders glitching and dropping 5 days worth of hard earned gear on the ground was less than inviting. John, the VP of my department broke down and bought the game for me. I was out of excuses.

I gave it a go. At first it seemed like a QWOP trail running simulator gone horribly wrong. I spawned in darkness and via mumble and eventually made my way to my friends. By that, I mean they were eventually able to locate me, 2 hours later.

it started to make sense. The tension was there all the time. it was exciting. The same way high stakes poker is. You can lose everything on any hand you decide to play. As a group we decided we needed to make a camp - a operating base that would allow us to build up, outfit ourselves with different gear for different jobs, and conduct raids more effectively. It began, first with only a single tent. Then two. Then barb wire. Then a jeep, and a truck, and a dirtbike. One day I came up, and john and derek had driven a bus up to our little mountain habitat. We had really started to build something. It was starting to look like home. We had just recently raided our first chopper site and captured some NVGs and some upper tier weapons. Things were looking up. I should have known that it was all going to come crashing down.

There was a rival faction on our server. They played the same times we did. Every lunch break we saw them on. Every night after work as well. We had a few run ins, but we generally tried to steer clear of them - they were really well geared, and we were all to a point where losing everything was too dangerous of a prospect to risk.

I logged in on my lunchbreak. I had logged in our camp. I came to, and looked around. Nothing. No bus, no trucks - our tents were mostly destroyed. The tents left standing were all but empty. We had been robbed. Not just robbed, pillaged. We had nothing left.

The thought of starting over was almost too much to bare. I wanted to quit the game - but more than that, I wanted revenge. How did they find us? Was it one of the hacks I had heard about? Did they have a chopper? Did that fucking bus betray us and give away our position while they were flying overhead? No answers, just questions.

we had started to make our way to cherno. We needed tents and medical supplies if we were to start again. We were all spread out, some of us were at the railway station out of town, waiting for the others to catch up. I got to the hill above the railway station - I was pulling security while the last of our crew straggled along through the forest.

I looked to my right and saw the barn I had seen so many times before off in the distance. - but whats this? a FUCKING JEEP. not just a FUCKING JEEP, but OUR FUCKING JEEP - complete with at least two of the cocksuckers who stole our shit. I proned out, called it out over mumble and did my best to drop them from about 400 meters with the m14. No joy. I emptied the rest of my first mag into the jeep from a distance. Good news, I had fucked up their little refueling party and damaged their jeep. Bad news, they didnt die, and they were now gunning for me.

I had a barn about 200m to my front. I took off - from inside the barn complex I could make my last stand. They wouldnt be able to maneuver in there, and if they hopped out, I would have a good chance of being able to drop at least one of them before they got me. I was at a dead out sprint. They were coming from my side full speed. I heard the whining of the motor as they charged - clearly trying to run me over.

Success. I reached the entry of the barn yard area - they werent able to get a full hit on me, but they clipped me, breaking my legs. I crawled quickly inside. I shot a few rounds into the glass of the side door , but I had no angle on the bodies inside. I chose to dump the rest of my mag and part of another into the engine block of the jeep. They hopped, out, finished me off - and I had lost everything again. My friends were closing in on them. They were outgunned, but not outnumbered. As it turns out, these guys had friends too, our bus rolled up to the rail station. Derek dropped the driver, took his 50cal, nightvision etc, and stole our bus back. for the time being anyways. John made his way to the barn just in time to see the jeep explode. They had no extract. Smoke filled the air as the bandits watched the pieces of their gear float off into space. John called it out and I smiled. I was running back as fast as I could. I Figured i could pick a gun up somewhere and rejoin the fray.

John stalked into the barn, dropping one guy with a few quick shots to the chest. The last man was inside the larger building - it had a walkway as a second story - he got into a gunfight, killed the bandit, but bled out himself.

Derek, now driving the bus has realized that there is our fucking TRUCK filled with bandits now hot on his tail. He ditches the bus and hides in in the reeds. he logs. Hes not giving up his 50 or nods. Fuck them. They will pay for what they did to our camp. They must have taken the bus back to the town. By the time I got to the rail station, everybody was gone.

It made me happy to know that they all died. All but the guys who took the truck and the bus. It also made me happy to know that because the jeep was gone, there was no way for them to xfil the gear of their fallen comrades. We had delivered a serious blow to them. It felt good. I had picked up an AK at the airfield I had walked by on the way back to the fight - I had a single magazine. I got back to the railway station, and thats when I heard it.

The whine of the engine was unmistakeable. There was a fucking car coming towards me down the road. It was fast. I popped off a few shots from a concealed position off the road about 20 meters. about 5 shots pinged off the car as it sped off into the distance. i cursed myself for missing , and also for giving away my position. How many fucking cars did they have?

Then I heard it. The whine of the bus. This motherfucker was actually going to try and drive past me. I proned out and I waited. I saw it. It was 200 meters out. Closer and closer it came. 100 meters. I went to iron sights - aimed directly at the windshield. 50 meters. I could now make out the ghille suited driver who was screaming down the road at me. 25 meters - I let loose. I had 18 rounds left - I spent all of them in that windshield. All you could hear was the sound of glass breaking.the bus screeched to a halt. I heard the door open. A body fell out. Hello bus. Dont mind if I do.

After looting my nemesis - I moved the bus into the edge of the treeline. I figured that his buddies would try to come back and avenge him. I wanted to set a trap for them. I moved 50 meters up the hill away from the bus on the drivers door side - I had the guys saw - so dealing with multiple targets wouldnt be a problem. I had nods, rangefinder - the works. As it turns out, they decided to cut their losses and run. Victory was ours. We had our motherfucking bus back. I picked up from my ambush realizing that nobody was coming, I drove the bus far into the wood line and logged out. Not bad for a lunchbreak. Or so I thought.

I logged back in - and to my dismay the bus was gone again. These ASSHOLES had stolen it AGAIN. It would be days before we had an interaction with PP again.

With the gear we had looted off the bus, the bodies etc - we had enough to bust some crash sites. We had the 50 cal, some nice bags, nightvision etc. No camp to speak of, but they were doing probably as good as us. To aquire more gear for our friends, we went to the hills of electro and started to overwatch with our 50. A few survivors got tagged. Sorry guys. its nothing personal. We needed stuff. Then it happened, a hacker, spawning behind us, over and over, no matter where we relocated - he was there to kill us. It was a demoralizing day. Later that night I logged back in to see if any of my gear was still around - I found my ruck, put on my extra ghille, grabbed my stuff and ran to the lake next to electro to fill my canteen. Thats when I saw it. A fucking chopper. a shiny, new, chopper.

i had a theory about this chopper. There was a man on the roof of the fire station with a ghille suit, a rcket launcher and a satchel charge.

I grabbed them both, and made my way down. The bottom line is that some unspeakable horror happened here long after we had disconnected earlier in the day. Buildings were rubble, and now this. I think that the chopper was probably the hackers ride. I felt bad taking it - but you gotta do what you gotta do. Derek, a skilled chopper pilot from bf3, was brave enough to attempt it. He managed to take off and not crash. Encouraging.

Derek had this wild idea to use the chopper to find the enemy camp. I said fuck it, and he took off. I took the time to prone out and eat a snack while I waited for him to report. I almost spit out my food when derek said "I Found it. I found our fucking bus". he got the grid square.

It was too good to be true.

He came back, picked me up and we flew over to the camp. It was about 2am at this point. We needed sleep - but this was too good to pass up. Fuck these guys. They are going to pay.

As it turned out, the damage we did to them earlier meant nothing. they had a 2 and a half ton with about 35 top end guns in it. hundreds of mags. There were 2 atvs. There was a chopper. There was another truck with nothing but medical, food, ghille suits etc. It was clear these guys had their shit together.

Some men just want to watch the world burn. Sure we could have taken the atvs. Sure we could have taken the bus. Sure we could have run back and forth all night - and it probably would have been worth it. I liked that bus. It was part of the family. But something inside me just wanted them to know it wasnt about gear. This was about revenge.

We loaded up the gun truck with everything we needed from all the other vehicles. We repaired their chopper with their own supplies (ours had a little..landing malfunction and had drifted into the tree line, impossible to take off at this point.) - we stacked the bus and the 2 ton truck in the middle of their camp. I blew them both up with a single charge. payback is a bitch. I Drove the gun truck back to our base, and derek wrecked both their ATVs, then blew them up. He got back into the chopper and flew back to base. Once at base, we decided it was too risky to leave them a bird. We flew back, and blew that fucking bird out of the forest. It crashed the server.

I wanted to call in sick. I wanted to wait there in the forest for them to log in. I wanted to see that moment when they realized everything was gone. Everything they worked for. I never got to, but I have yet to see another pp player on our server.

Revenge is good.

Posted : 10/08/2012 2:25 pm


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