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Yes different people have different opinions but then again talking about realism.... On MW2 I was playing and shot this guy with my pistol in the leg and he died.... wtf!?

Next accident was when I shot some1 in the head with Mp5 and I used about 3 bullets and he didnt die.... In real life 1 bullet of any wep will kill you if it was a critical head hit...

Anyway its a good game if you are into it that much, then I cant prove you wrong.

But don't forget guys, In Crysis you have a NANOSUIT... so Armor mode is supose to give you much more armor... SO thats why it takes a lot of bullets to die. And NO it doesn't take a clip to kill someone. Unless you really have a bad aim then it does. I normally kill people with no more than 10 bullets in most cases.

Anyway enough arguing, both games are great.

Now go recruit members fools !

I already got 3 signing up for DiRT 2! And the good thing is, they are all from my college so 😉

They should be on after christmas tho as they are all kinda too busy for the upcomming week.


Topic starter Posted : 18/12/2009 10:09 am