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Crysis' physics are so much more advanced in my opinion than Call Of Duty's and playing the game in a DX10 server on max graphics on lets say a custom Jungle map like the Paradise v2.0 map Power Struggle map is just STUNNING! Amazing gameplay and I love the sound of the nature sound mods that are added and just as I go through the bushes and trees, the leafs move and then if I look up I see the sunlight striking through the top of the palm trees... and it just makes me LOVE that game to bits.

Call of Duty MW2 is a good game yes I agree. The singleplayer is amazing and its quite long hours too. But the multiplayer is RUBISH! I mean cumon, even a noob can kill a pro on there on HC mode... 1 shot 1 kill.... And second of all its nowhere worth the £40!

It seems more like a CoD 4 mod to me tbh. It has a little better textures, a modified cod 4 engine, some new weps and perks. Its not a completely new game or maybe if it is, its way over-rated. Ive played it and I really wouldn't buy it and I haven't.

6/10 (and the 6 is just for singleplayer).

On the other hand.... Crysis has glitches yes, it is very laggy on slow computers, yes!, and it does have issues with aimbot hackers online etc...

But Hey, Crysis 2 is coming out soon which will deffinately win the market. I mean release of CryTek 3 Engine on all platforms ? That is gona be a hit!

Cant wait for that! I will make a review on Crysis actually and show you guys (for those who don't know) What I mean by all that I said above ^^.

Thanks for reading this,


Topic starter Posted : 18/12/2009 10:09 am