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[Sticky] How To: Make a Universal Soundboard  

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Goal: To become an elite spammer in games, Skype (phone calls perhaps), Ventrilo, anything that accepts voice input. Examples of top tier spam:

Required Materials:

  • A music playing software that lets you choose device output. I use foobar2000.
  • Virtual Audio Cable. Installing this software/driver will result in a virtual microphone device on your PC. There is a free trial version, which doesn't seem to expire but on a fixed interval (maybe 10 seconds?) a voice repeats "Trial" which plays over everything. Annoying. The full version is $35.
  • Sound files for your soundboard. Just google the sound clips you want, e.g. "Arnold Schwarzenegger sound clips" and you'll find hundreds. YouTube is another source, since you can download MP3 sound files from YouTube via Listentoyoutube (beware of the spam links on that site, keep your ad blocker ready, and you'll be fine).
  • A keyboard with media keys.

Now the procedure:

1) Download and install everything listed above. Keep all sound files in one folder.

2) Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) will create a virtual microphone device after installing it. On the taskbar, right click the sound icon, select Playback Devices, and select Line 1 Virtual Audio Cable as the Default Communications Device. Make sure it is set to stereo, and I keep it set to 16 Hz 44100 Hz just to match my main speakers. Make sure your normal speakers/headphones are selected as the Default Device.


3) In the same window, choose Recording and select Line 1 Virtual Audio Cable as both the Default Communications Device and Default Device.


4) Load all of your sound clips into your music playback software, into a single playlist.

5) In your music playback software, change the output device to Line 1 Virtual Audio Cable. Here is a screenshot of how it is done in foobar2000.


6) Run Audio Repeater (MME). This is installed by default in Windows 7 and Windows 10. Set Wave In to Line 1 Virtual Audio Cable, and Wave Out to your main speakers/headphones. Again I use 16-bit 44100 MHz sample rate. Once this is done, hit Start. This will mirror everything sent through Line 1 Virtual Audio Cable to your speakers/headphones, so that you hear what you're playing on your soundboard.


7) Make sure the recording/audio input device in Steam is set to Line 1 Virtual Audio Cable, and do the same for any game and application that makes you choose input device. For Steam, don't bother with push to talk.


And this is all that is required. Now any sound you play in your playback software will be transmitted over the virtual microphone, and you'll hear it as well. To use this in games, use your keyboard's media keys. It is slow, but it works.

Optional Steps if Using foobar2000

These steps will help make things a bit more convenient in games.

1) Install the on screen display component for foobar2000. It provides an OSD telling you the track name and status (playing or paused). It is incompatible with RivaTuner Statistics Server which is used by MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision X, etc. So just download that file, open foobar2000, go to File -> Preferences -> Components and hit Install. Then you navigate to the downloaded file and select it, and it installs automatically. Once installed you will see it in the File -> Preferences -> Components section.


2) On-Screen Display will now show under File -> Preferences -> Display. Configure it as you desire. Make sure it is turned on obviously, by default it was off for me. Here is how I configured it.


To soundboard even faster, use a second monitor to display your playback software while you game.

Posted : 14/05/2017 1:10 pm
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