Disappointed by Dia...

Disappointed by Diablo 3? Try Path of Exile stress test  


Many people (including me) were very disappointed with Diablo 3. Well there's a game that is much more the sequel to Diablo 2. . .and that game is Path of Exile. It's currently in closed beta, with a stress test this weekend (so everyone can play). It's tons of fun, and is also scheduled to be F2P with microtransactions ONLY purchasing storage space, character slots, and cosmetics (at least from what I've gathered). It's insanely fun, so grab it here: https://www.pathofexile.com/ .

Oh, and if that didn't convince you, here's the skill tree for just one of the six characters: http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/ . I still have nightmares about this thing.

Posted : 28/07/2012 6:58 am


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