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Get one 😛

I spent my whole day (well, from 9-5) working out possible combinations for servers, if we were to host a server at someones house.

CPU needs to be 100MHz per player (per core), so for 32, it would be 3.2GHz. If that's a dual core, it'll only be 2x1.6. But then you want more for when changing maps, cos it takes more stuff. So your looking at a 2.8GHz dual core CPU. Such as e5400. Upload speed is 500KB/s per 8 players, so 2MB/s + a little bit (for map downloads)

THen i thought, why not get a TS3 server in too. Using the Speex 16.3 codec, with 32 people speaking, and 56 people in the channel, works out as 3MB/s Upload. (obviously 32 people will never be speaking!) CPU could be a 2.7GHz e7400

Finally, i thought, why not just go all out and get like a e8500, host CW, TS3, and a EU branch of GND's server (speed it up for over here), seeing as uTah is like, almost west coast USA.

Then, if we have any spare MHz or MB/s we could do another (lighter) game.

SSM Patriot is at RC3, or 70% until final, so we'll use that. Patriot is being/has been recompiled, making it alot more useful, and has some LUA function, so we'll use that too 😀

Topic starter Posted : 05/01/2010 2:04 pm