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Crysis 2 Information Thread (56K+ Warning, V. Image Heavy!)


So folks, I got the magazine.

Well, I make some scans later(german), I'll tell you some important stuff now.

-the pictures look ok
-3 years after crysis, whole world is in chaos, invaded by the aliens
-there will be a third party (maybe crynet systems guys)
-new york was destroyed by the aliens
-Military forces fight aliens at destroyes places
-new tactical mode enables player to focus at corpses and weapons and gather info from then
weapons:Name etc.. Corpses: Name, cause of death.
-Each nanosuit mode can be enhanced by modules, (module for tactical mode will for example display from what direction the enemy are attacking you ,etc.)
-maybe you are prophet
-the atmosphere will be a lot more intense (corpses swimming in water...)
-battles will be more tactical and with more oppurtunities
-multi height level combat (attack from top of the buildings or from holes under the street)-vertical gameplay ( jumping onto certain buildings to get an overview and plan your attack)
-enemies will try to attack you from upstairs and downstairs.
-aliens have changed a lot, they are human-like and use weapons now.
-story will be a lot more important;more detail and background will be added (similar to Bioshock)
-no word to the open world question and the MP question.

Scans will be posted later.

Topic starter Posted : 31/12/2009 11:27 am