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Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason Weapons & Enemies

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Here you can find out some information about all the weapons and enemies in Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason.


Light Green = Combat ineffective
Green = Weak
Yellow = Decent
Orange = Good
Red = Very effective

1. Fists w/ Lock & Chain: Early in the game you pick up a lock/chain on a door, and you begin to use them as your only weapon wrapped around your right fist. You can kill early enemies with it, but then they become rather useless on later enemis.

3. Fists w/ Valve: A little later into the game, you find a loose valve in a pipe. This becomes your second weapon. It is virtually the same as the weapon above but slightly stronger.

4. Fire Axe: After saving a man in a flashback, you are rewarded with the fire axe you picked up in the past. This is a useful tool that you should continue to use throughout the whole game. It is powerful, and if you are fighting vicious enemies, shoot them with your gun(s) first and when they get close, whip out this fire axe and finish them off.

5. Flare Gun: The flare gun fires flares (surprise?) that bounce off whatever inanimate object you shoot at. It sticks to enemies and seems to make them more vulnerable to your attacks (since they hate heat). Sadly you can't use this as a portable internal heat source. You find this in a locker right before you fight the first spider boss.

6. Mosin Nagant: The Mosin Nagant is a bolt action rifle that fires the 7.62 x 54mm rifle round. It feeds off five round stripper clips which he reloads at a decent speed, however if you do a tactical reload (meaning your gun was not empty when you started the reload), he has to reload one round at a time (as it should be). Since it's bolt action, the fire rate is slow however the power makes up for it. I usually use this gun for most of the game and save the better guns for the boss fights and one of the enemies you will see below. You can hold six spare stripper clips (30 spare rounds), making your total ammo capacity 5/30. You get this gun as a result of saving a man's life in a flashback.

7. Mosin Nagant w/ Scope: This is the same exact gun as above but with a sniper scope. The scope has a far zoom and large objective lens. The scope zooms in so much, it makes the gun useless as the game takes place on a ship where all the gun battles are close-quarters. The scope also blocks the use of a stripper clip, therefore you have to reload one round at a time. Ammo capacity is the same as the regular Mosin Nagant, in fact they use up the same ammo (as they should). You have to work your brain to get this gun.

8. The PPSH-71 is a compact submachine gun that feeds off a removable 71 round drum magazine. It is a fully automatic weapon, however the gun is actually fired in lengthened bursts in the game. This gun is incredibly effective, it fires the 7.62 x 25mm pistol round at an incredible rate of fire. It is only a pistol round, so it isn't as powerful as the rifles in the game but it still holds its own. For some reason it has loads of recoil as well, therefore I don't recommend holding the trigger unless the enemies are very close to you. I only use this gun on the spider boss fight and enemy number 8 below. You get this gun after killing enemy number 7. Total ammo capacity is 71/213 (three spare drum mags).


Light Green = Easy kill
Green = Not very dangerous
Yellow = Moderately dangerous
Orange = Deadly
Red = Extremely dangerous

1. Crew Members

These enemies are found early in the game. They walk around unarmed at first. Later on they have what appears to be crowbars. You can take them down easily with your fists, but if they have a crowbar, back up to avoid their hits. When they miss, walk up and combo them.



The ones that look like this are rare, but also the same.

2. Big Crew Members

This was actually the first enemy you encounter, but he doesn't hurt you (it was a brief flashback). You find them later in the game again, and after a brief absence in the campaign, they return. They have an axe and are a little tougher than the guys above, but you don't need to waste bullets on them. Watch your corners though, they sometimes ambush you and if you get hit, you die instantly.


3. Armed Crew Members

They make their appearance midway through the game and stick around for a while. The first batch carry the Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle (scopeless version). If they walk up close they try to hit you with their rifle. When they attempt this, simply move backwards, take out the axe, and nail them. Other than that I recommend shooting them since you die pretty quickly in this game.

Close up.

4. Armed Crew Members

These armed crew members are somewhat advanced. They dodge your shots by rolling, and they use the SVT-40 rifle.

Close up.

5. Torcher

I call this foe the torcher because he runs around with two torches and two long cans of liquid nitrogen on his back. I advise shooting him, he also has mid range attacks. He slams his torches into the ground causing electric sparks and freezing the ground. Up close he swings the torches at you rapidly. If he gets up close, take out the axe and finish him off. It only takes 3-4 Mosin Nagant rounds to kill this enemy.



6. Gatekeeper

The gatekeeper watches the gates in the jail area. He is completely harmless, he doesn't attack. All he does is sit there hitting his bowl to get your attention. Go interact with him and you'll get a surprise.

7. Jailer (v1)

This foe was a jailer when everything was normal on board the North Wind. After they underwent the Cryostasis, he now walks around partially encased in metal using keys to attack you. While he doesn't sound very dangerous, his CQC attacks rip you apart. I recommend shooting him before he gets too close, and if he does, whip out the axe and do your best. He has no mid range attacks, but they are a bit tougher than the previous enemies. It takes 4-5 Mosin Nagant rounds to kill him.

Enemy #9 visible in the background

Killed by the protagonist, Alexander.

8. Jailer (v2)

Before the incident, the jailers took interest in the prisoner's personal stories. After the incident he was transformed. This enemy is much more dangerous than the other ones. Just as the first jailer, this one is partially encased in metal but with louder and slightly slower footsteps. He doesn't move quite as fast as the previous one, but he is much more dangerous. He carries a PPSH-71, but his CQC attacks only consist of rifle hits, therefore you can beat him up close with the axe. If you see him, don't be a hero. Take cover, otherwise he will gun you down no problem. Just as the previous jailer, he can be heard coming due to his footsteps but this one also gives off an eerie light, which comes out of his face. His face only consists of a jail cell with the sky blue eerie light, and a deformed mouth. In his mouth is a ring holding several keys. It takes 5-7 Mosin Nagant shots to kill them.

9. Bugs

The "bugs" are actually human, but now walk on all fours and they have wings. You only see one fly, and he flies right past you. After that they walk at you. They kill you in a very small amount of hits. The good news is, they die easier and they have no mid range attacks. They do however tend to attack in pairs, making your life harder. It takes 4 Mosin Nagant shots to kill these enemies.

10. Dogs

The concept of the dogs is fairly simple. They're starving, and everything on the North Wind is frozen except you. Don't waste bullets on the dogs, use your axe. They die in one hit.

11. The Big Cheese

This guy is the toughest enemy (excluding boss fights) you will encounter. He is very large and menacing. You can't see his face, as it is covered in dark metal and he wears a large coat. He has his hands holding two flashlights which are located on each side of his head. He also wields two modded PPSH-71 submachine guns. Rather than having a single 71 round drum mag attached to each gun, he has two wielded on top of each other. I don't even know how many shots it takes to kill him. I'm certain 10 Mosin Nagant/SVT-40 rounds do not do the trick. Take cover when fighting him, shoot everything you've got and if he gets up close, swing at him with the axe. When he arrives, a loud siren sounds. Same thing happens when he is killed.






Spider Boss: You fight a spider boss twice in the game. The first time, you only have a flare gun and a Mosin Nagant (and all of your melee weapons). This one dies a lot easier, run around the room, hit all the switches, shoot him with a flare and keep shooting him with your Mosin Nagant. When he gets up close, don't take out the axe, run back and continue to shoot him. The second time you fight him it is very difficult, especially because your frame rate will be sucking on higher graphics levels/resolutions. This time around, use the flare gun once he comes towards you and continuously shoot him with the PPSH-71.

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